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Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
- object RequestSession(string bearer)
+ object CreateSession(dict settings, object notifier)
- Request a networking session.
+ Create a new session for the application. Every
+ application can create multiple session with
+ different settings. The settings are described
+ as part of the session interface.
- If the bearer is an empty string the best available
- service will be picked.
+ The notifier allows asynchronous notification about
+ session specific changes. These changes can be
+ for online/offline state or IP address changes or
+ similar things the application is required to
+ handle.
- When successful this method will return the object
- path of the corresponding service.
- Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
+ Every application should at least create one session
+ to inform about its requirements and it purpose.
- void ReleaseSession()
- Release a networking session.
- Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
+ void DestroySession(object session)
-Signals PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)
+ Remove the previously created session. The notifier
+ will be informed via its release method.
- This signal indicates a changed value of the given
- property.
+ If an application exits unexpectatly the session
+ will be automatically destroyed.
StateChanged(string state)