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doc: Remove ServicesAddedd and ServiceRemoved signals
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@@ -155,25 +155,6 @@ Signals TechnologyAdded(object path, dict properties)
The object path is no longer accessible after this
signal and only emitted for reference.
- ServicesAdded(array{object, dict})
- List of service that have been added. The array
- is a list of services that is sorted with existing
- services containing an empty dictionary and new
- services containing the properties.
- This signal will only inform about added services
- and in case that services get added and removed at
- the same time, a ServicesRemoved signal will be
- sent first.
- ServicesRemoved(array{object})
- Signals a list of services that are no longer valid.
- The object paths are no longer accessible after
- this signal and only emitted for reference.
ServicesChanged(array{object, dict}, array{object})
Signals a list of services that have been changed