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Update RegisterCounter method parameters
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Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments
- void RegisterCounter(object path, uint32 interval)
+ void RegisterCounter(object path, uint32 accuracy, uint32 period)
Register a new counter for user notifications.
- If the interval is zero then no timer for updates
- will be started. Only kernel events can then
- trigger updates. Otherwise the kernel will be
- polled every n seconds for an update.
+ The accuracy is specified in kilo-bytes and defines
+ a threshold for counter updates. Together with the
+ period value it defines how often user space needs
+ to be updated. The period value is in seconds.
+ This interface is not meant for time tracking. If
+ the time needs to be tracked down to the second, it
+ is better to have a real timer running inside the
+ application than using this interface.
+ Also getting notified for every kilo-byte is a bad
+ choice (even if the interface supports it). Something
+ like 10 kilo-byte units or better 1 mega-byte seems
+ to be a lot more reasonable and better for the user.
Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments