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+Advanced configuration interface
+Configuration basics
+The default configuration method for all servers is automatic or something
+like DHCP. In almost every case that should be just good enough, but if it
+is not, Connection Manager supports manual configuration for Ethernet and
+IP settings.
+Configuration interface
+Every service contains two properties. One represents the current active
+configuration and the other one allows manual configuration via the user.
+For IPv4 they are named "IPv4" and IPv4.Configuration".
+[ /profile/default/wifi_001122334455_42696720696e204a6170616e_managed_psk ]
+ Type = wifi
+ Name = Big in Japan
+ Mode = managed
+ Strength = 82
+ Security = rsn
+ Favorite = true
+ State = ready
+ IPv4.Configuration = { Method=dhcp }
+ IPv4 = { Netmask= Method=dhcp Address= }
+The above WiFi network shows how the default configuration would look like
+with a connected service. The configuration method is DHCP and the current
+IP address is
+The "IPv4" property is read-only and will emit PropertyChanged signals in
+case the IP address of this interface changes. The "IPv4.Configuration"
+property is read-write and allows changes. For example to use a static IP
+configuration this call could be used:
+ service.SetProperty("IPv4.Configuration", { "Method": "manual",
+ "Address": "",
+ "Netmask": "" })
+The configuration itself is a dictionary with various fields. Not all of
+them need to present. A lot of combinations are valid.
+For example the "Method" field has valid settings of "off", "fixed", "manual"
+and "dhcp". The "fixed" value however can not be set by any user program. It
+is an internal value that some 3G cards require. Switching to "off" will
+remove and IP configuration from the interface. The "manual" method allows
+for static address configuration. And "dhcp" will use DHCP to retrieve all
+required information automatically.
+With a manual configuration, the fields "Address" and "Netmask" should be
+given. In case "Netmask" is left out, the best netmask will be calculated.
+The "Gateway" field can be used to indicate the default route/gateway for
+this interface.