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Remove support for dhclient plugin
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@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ Various plugins can be enabled for networking support:
- Bluetooth plugin
Also plugins with additional features are available:
- - DHCP plugin (dhclient)
- Resolver plugin (DNS proxy)
- Loopback setup
- PolicyKit support
@@ -60,17 +59,6 @@ For a working system, certain configuration options need to be enabled:
Enable support for Bluetooth devices (requires BlueZ)
- --enable-dhclient
- Enable DHCP client support for ISC dhclient based systems
- The location of the dhclient binary is auto-detected, but it
- can be overwritten via --with-dhclient=<path-to-binary>.
- At least one DHCP client option should be selected. It is
- possible to select both and then uDHCP will be tried first
- before falling back to dhclient.
Enable DNS proxy support for /etc/resolv.conf abstraction