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doc: Information about activating debugging in ConnMan
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in order to enable the dbus access.
+Activating debugging
+One can activate debugging prints in ConnMan using -d command line option.
+If the -d option has no parameters, then debugging is activated for all
+source code files. If the -d option has parameters, they tell which source
+code files have debugging activated. One can use wild cards in file names.
+ -d Activate all normal debug prints
+ -d src/service.c This prints debugging info from src/service.c
+ file only
+ -d src/network.c:src/ipconfig.c
+ This activates debug prints in src/network.c
+ and src/ipconfig.c files.
+ -d 'src/n*.c' This would activate debug print from all the C source
+ files starting with letter 'n' in src directory.
+ Note the quotation marks around option, that is to
+ prevent shell expansion.
+ -d '*/n*.c:*/i*.c' Activate debug prints for all C source files starting
+ with letters 'n' or 'i' in any sub-directory.
+Some components of ConnMan have environment variable activated debug prints.
+If the environment variable is set, then corresponding component will print
+some extra debugging information.
+Following environment variables can be used:
+ CONNMAN_DHCP_DEBUG DHCPv4 related debug information
+ CONNMAN_DHCPV6_DEBUG DHCPv6 related debug information
+ CONNMAN_IPTABLES_DEBUG Extra information when iptables is used
+ CONNMAN_RESOLV_DEBUG Name resolver debug prints. These debug prints
+ are used when ConnMan resolves host names for
+ its own use.
+ Note that the DNS proxy debug prints do not
+ use this environment variable. For that, one
+ can use "-d src/dnsproxy.c" command line option.
+ CONNMAN_SUPPLICANT_DEBUG Debugging prints for communication between
+ connmand and wpa_supplicant processes.
+ CONNMAN_WEB_DEBUG Debug information when ConnMan does Internet
+ connectivity check in Wispr and 6to4 components.
+ CONNMAN_WEB_DEBUG=1 src/connmand -n
Kernel configuration