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@@ -71,6 +71,14 @@ For a working system, certain configuration options need to be enabled:
enabled. This option can be used to build a small daemon
for a specific system if Ethernet support is not required.
+ --disable-gadget
+ Disable support for USB Ethernet Gadget devices
+ By default USB Ethernet Gadget technology support is built-in and
+ enabled. This option can be used to build a small daemon
+ for a specific system if USB Ethernet Gadget support is not required.
Disable support for WiFi devices
@@ -246,6 +254,12 @@ Following environment variables can be used:
CONNMAN_WEB_DEBUG=1 src/connmand -n
+If timing conditions are relevant then it is recommended command to
+get log traces as follows:
+ connmand -d 2>&1 | ts '[%H:%M:%.S]' | tee connman.log
+The 'ts' program is normaly avialable in the moreutils package.
Kernel configuration
@@ -263,6 +277,23 @@ CONFIG_NETFILTER
+For routing and statistic support in Sessions, the following options
+need to be enabled as modules (m) or builtin (y):
+In order to support USB gadget tethering, the following kernel configuration
+options need to be enabled:
wpa_supplicant configuration
@@ -288,7 +319,13 @@ CONFIG_AUTOSCAN_EXPONENTIAL=y
This will enable the exact same function as bgscan but while being
-It is recommended to use wpa_supplicant 1.x or later.
+It is recommended to use wpa_supplicant 2.x or later.
+If wpa_supplicant is configured to D-Bus autostart, then ConnMan will
+trigger the autostart of wpa_supplicant. However please keep in mind
+that this trigger only happens once. If wpa_supplicant stops or crashes,
+ConnMan does not periodically try to autostart it. It is up to systemd or
+similar service management tool to autostart it.
@@ -323,4 +360,7 @@ Mailing list:
For additional information about the project visit ConnMan web site:
+You can report bugs at