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Release 1.41.4
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+ver 1.4:
+ Fix issue with WiFi scanning in Tethering mode.
+ Fix issue with WISPr operation and disconnects.
+ Fix issue with DHCP client and restart behavior.
+ Fix issue with DNS resolving and failing IPv6 records.
+ Fix issue with incorrect NTP leap-not-in-sync flag.
+ Fix issue with incorrect NTP transmit time value.
+ Fix issue with failing NTP server due to routing.
+ Fix issue with missing gateway change notification.
+ Fix issue with stale network interfaces at startup.
+ Fix issue with pending method reply and agent errors.
+ Add support for providing previous WPS PIN to agent.
+ Add support for WPA supplicant based auto-scanning.
+ Add support for per device regulatory domain setting.
+ Add support for provisioning hidden WiFi networks.
ver 1.3:
Fix issue with default configuration values.
Fix issue with timeserver canonical name entries.