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+ver 0.64:
+ Update service name to net.connman domain.
+ Fix issue with disabling a technology twice.
+ Fix issue with using wrong string for Proxy.Method.
+ Fix issue with TCP connection lookup and DNS proxy.
+ Fix issue with TCP receive busy waits and DNS proxy.
+ Fix various issues with WPA Supplicant interaction.
+ Add support for chunk encoding to HTTP client.
+ Add support for internal HTTP client for portal detection.
+ Add support for internal DHCP server setup.
+ Add support for internal NAT and IP forwarding setup.
+ Add support for Bluetooth Tethering functionality.
+ Remove deprecated device and network D-Bus interfaces.
+ Remove support for dhclient plugin.
ver 0.63:
Change to use nl80211/cfg80211 WiFi management by default.
Fix various issues with new WPA Supplicant interface.