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Release 1.21.2
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+ver 1.2:
+ Fix issue with not handling WiFi security changes.
+ Fix issue with not stopping WiFi scanning on shutdown.
+ Fix issue with auto-scanning and network discovery.
+ Fix issue with D-Bus reply for hidden WiFi networks.
+ Fix issue with overlapping memory areas and DNS requests.
+ Add support for randomized DNS transaction identifiers.
+ Add support for DNS caching over TCP connections.
+ Add support for using default IPv6 privacy setting.
+ Add support for providing previous passphrase to agent.
+ Add support for configuration unprovisioning handling.
+ Add support for NetworkInterfaceBlacklist configuration.
+ Add support for Bluetooth DUN daemon (dundee).
ver 1.1:
Fix issue with missing message type and DHCPv4 support.
Fix issue with potential NULL pointer in DHCPv6 handling.