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+ver 0.62:
+ Fix crash with non-existent or extra DHCP result options.
+ Fix crash when doing PEAP/TTLS authentication.
+ Fix issue with handling multiple data counters.
+ Fix issue with Bluetooth adapters without address.
+ Fix issue with multiple scanning attempts after disconnects.
+ Fix issue with VPN services when switching into offline mode.
+ Add support for storing statistics information in separate files.
+ Add support for verification of configuration file parameters.
+ Add support for handling time server values from DHCP.
+ Add support for allowing DNS over TCP within the DNS proxy.
+ Add support for loading proxy configurations into PACrunner.
+ Add support for WiFi plugin using new WPA Supplicant D-Bus API.
+ Add support for requesting passphrases via agents.
+ Remove default support for EDNS0 option.
ver 0.61:
Add support for using the internal DHCP client by default.
Add support for latest PolicyKit framework.