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+ver 1.1:
+ Fix issue with missing message type and DHCPv4 support.
+ Fix issue with potential NULL pointer in DHCPv6 handling.
+ Fix issue with potential NULL pointer in VPN handling.
+ Fix issue with potential NULL pointer for WiFi SSID.
+ Fix issue with missing conversion of raw WiFi PSK input.
+ Fix issue with missing stop for WiFi auto-scanning handling.
+ Fix issue with uninitialized IPv6 prefix length in oFono plugin.
+ Fix issue with domain search list handling according to RFC 6106.
+ Fix issue with domain name list notifications.
+ Fix issue with nameserver list notifications.
+ Fix issue with incorrect fixed IP configuration.
+ Fix issue with incorrect cleanup of resolver timers.
+ Fix issue with handling of RDNSS lifetime expiration.
+ Fix issue with crash on wrong domain length information.
+ Add support for favorite service database migration.
+ Add support for disabling WISPr functionality.
+ Add support for configurable agent timeouts.
ver 1.0:
Fix issue with missing WiFi disconnecting flag.
Fix issue with missing GPRS context attached check.