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main.conf: Add SingleConnectedTechnology description
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# happen for example if we receive DHCP hostname option.
# Default value is true.
# AllowHostnameUpdates = true
+# Keep only a single connected technology at any time. When a new
+# service is connected by the user or a better one is found according
+# to PreferredTechnologies, the new service is kept connected and all
+# the other previously connected services are disconnected. With this
+# setting it does not matter whether the previously connected services
+# are in 'online' or 'ready' states, the newly connected service is
+# the only one that will be kept connected. A service connected by the
+# user will be used until going out of network coverage. With this
+# setting enabled applications will notice more network breaks than
+# normal. Default value is false.
+# SingleConnectedTechnology = false