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Release 1.131.13
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+ver 1.13:
+ Fix issue with auto-scanning of known hidden SSIDs.
+ Fix issue with not correctly terminated auto-scanning.
+ Fix issue with missing enforcing of immutable services.
+ Fix issue with missing handling of multiple connection attempts.
+ Fix issue with missing WISPr restart after nameserver change.
+ Fix issue with missing provisioning for IP address method.
+ Fix issue with missing IP configuration signal on disconnect.
+ Fix issue with DNS proxy and memory leaks on request timeouts.
+ Fix issue with DNS proxy and handling partial TCP messages.
+ Fix issue with DNS proxy and handling of EDNS0 buffers.
+ Fix issue with DNS proxy and handling of IPv6 loopback.
+ Fix issue with DNS proxy listening on all interfaces.
+ Fix issue with CDMA network creation.
ver 1.12:
Fix issue with overwriting gateway address.
Fix issue with missing IP address validation.
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-AC_INIT(connman, 1.12)
+AC_INIT(connman, 1.13)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign subdir-objects color-tests])