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Release 0.800.80
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+ver 0.80:
+ Update to support additional D-Bus API changes.
+ Add support for preferred technologies switching.
+ Add support for default auto connect technologies option.
+ Add support for service specific timeserver configuration.
+ Add support for extended timeserver fallback functionality.
+ Add support for extended nameserver fallback functionality.
+ Add support for user supplied routes for providers.
+ Add support for checking WiFi passphrase validity.
+ Fix issue with WISPr support and proxy handling.
+ Fix issue with Ethernet and auto connect handling.
+ Fix issue with too early IPv6 auto connection.
+ Fix issue with too early 6to4 connection checks.
+ Fix issue with oFono interaction on disconnect.
+ Fix issue with DNS servers behind point-to-point links.
+ Fix issue with pending DNS proxy requests.
+ Fix multiple issues with VPN handling.
+ Fix multiple issues with default gateway handling.
ver 0.79:
Update to support changed D-Bus API.
Add support for WiFi background scanning.
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-AC_INIT(connman, 0.79)
+AC_INIT(connman, 0.80)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign subdir-objects color-tests])