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2018-04-03Bump to 3.9.4sandbox/soong9/3.9.4MyungJoo Ham2-4/+8
- Remove dependency on rhash, json-cpp, libuv, form Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2018-04-03Remove unnecessary log messages.Junghyun Kim1-2/+0
Change-Id: Ib216a5e593ddf5a7c8fe1f3f39e7a559387d0edb Signed-off-by: Junghyun Kim <>
2018-04-03List of files are sorted when using aux_source_directory() and file(glob).Junghyun Kim1-9/+16
If aux_source_directory(. SRCS) or file(glob SRCS "*.c") is used, files in SRCS are not sorted. This can cause different orders of files across machines. Even though it does not have any correctness issue, there is a problem. If we have a build infrastructure (e.g., OBS), the result binaries can be different on each machine. In this case, build results can be different on two different machines even if we have the same source files. For example, 1. ld -o liba.a a.o b.o SRCS=a.c b.c 2. ld -o libb.a b.o a.o SRCS=b.c a.c Then, liba.a and libb.a are different. REASON This is because of the system call readdir(). The system call readdir() returns a file in the directory in any order. SOLUTION Intead of readdir(), scandir() is used with alphasort(). This makes the list of files are sorted alphabetically. AMENDED 1. another free() is added to free malloc()ed objects (Reviewed by Chan Lee). 2. remove "#include <errno.h>" (Reviewed by Chan Lee). Change-Id: Id8aff23b2761ea04c1c49c91fcc511b9bc2b1228 Signed-off-by: Junghyun Kim <>
2018-04-03Removed curl dependency by using cmake internal curlHyungGi Lee1-3/+3
Change-Id: I71a1e4e6516702e5bf28d6702b8e588eb3e4b202 Signed-off-by: HyungGi Lee <>
2018-04-03packaging: Bump to versionévin THIERRY1-8/+8
Bug-Tizen: TC-2230 Change-Id: I30413dba248244c4b4c7e8544a4752e2f61555d4 Signed-off-by: Kévin THIERRY <> Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
2018-04-03update to Nashif2-1/+5
2018-04-03resetting manifest requested domain to floorAlexandru Cornea2-0/+8
2018-04-03fixed changelogAnas Nashif1-5/+0
2018-04-03add new module for Tizen related directoriesAnas Nashif3-2/+44
2018-04-03do not require pkgconfig(ncurses)Anas Nashif2-1/+4
2018-04-03Update to Nashif1-0/+3
2018-04-03Update to Nashif1-37/+24
2018-04-03remove patchesAnas Nashif1-12/+0
2018-04-03packaging: Initial packagingAnas Nashif3-0/+116
Change-Id: I1e253912caf690c56d827a993e2b5bee18747cf6 Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
2017-10-11Imported Upstream version 3.9.4upstream/3.9.4upstreamMyungJoo Ham9836-382107/+564807
2014-12-23Imported Upstream versionévin THIERRY1120-8363/+35911
2013-08-13Imported Upstream version Nashif965-7245/+22091
2013-02-14Imported Upstream version Nashif1401-24188/+45757
2012-10-30Imported Upstream version 2.8.9upstream/2.8.9Anas Nashif3416-0/+782279