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@@ -107,6 +107,19 @@ public:
"(and its per-configuration version IMPORTED_LOCATION_<CONFIG>) "
"which specifies the location of the main executable file on disk. "
"See documentation of the IMPORTED_* properties for more information."
+ "\n"
+ "The signature\n"
+ " add_executable(<name> ALIAS <target>)\n"
+ "creates an alias, such that <name> can be used to refer to <target> "
+ "in subsequent commands. The <name> does not appear in the generated "
+ "buildsystem as a make target. The <target> may not be an IMPORTED "
+ "target or an ALIAS. Alias targets can be used as linkable targets, "
+ "targets to read properties from, executables for custom commands and "
+ "custom targets. They can also be tested for existance with the "
+ "regular if(TARGET) subcommand. The <name> may not be used to modify "
+ "properties of <target>, that is, it may not be used as the operand of "
+ "set_property, set_target_properties, target_link_libraries etc. An "
+ "ALIAS target may not be installed of exported."