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@@ -139,7 +139,8 @@ Modules
This is robust against unusual ways of labeling tests, provides much better
support for advanced features such as parameterized tests, and does not
require re-running CMake to discover added or removed tests within a test
- executable.
+ executable. Note that a breaking change was made in CMake 3.10.3 to address
+ an ambiguity of the ``TIMEOUT`` keyword (see :ref:`Release Notes 3.10.3`).
* The :module:`InstallRequiredSystemLibraries` module gained support
for installing Intel compiler runtimes.
@@ -267,3 +268,17 @@ Changes made since CMake 3.10.0 include the following.
* The :manual:`cmake-server(7)` ``codemodel`` response ``crossReferences``
field added by 3.10.0 has been dropped due to excessive memory usage.
Another approach will be needed to provide backtrace information.
+.. _`Release Notes 3.10.3`:
+* CMake 3.10.1 added a ``TIMEOUT`` option to :command:`gtest_discover_tests`
+ from the :module:`GoogleTest` module. That keyword clashed with the
+ ``TIMEOUT`` test property, which is one of the common properties that
+ would be set with the command's ``PROPERTIES`` keyword, usually leading
+ to legal but unintended behavior. The keyword was changed to
+ ``DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT`` in CMake 3.10.3 to address this problem. The
+ ambiguous behavior of the :command:`gtest_discover_tests` command's
+ ``TIMEOUT`` keyword in 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 has not been preserved.