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+Changes in CMake (since
+Alex Neundorf (1):
+ Automoc: fix regression #13667, broken build in phonon
+Brad King (1):
+ Initialize IMPORTED GLOBAL targets on reconfigure (#13702)
+David Cole (1):
+ CMake: Fix infinite loop untarring corrupt tar file
+Rolf Eike Beer (1):
+ FindGettext: fix overwriting result with empty variable (#13691)
+Changes in CMake (since 2.8.10)
+Brad King (5):
+ Fix default PDB output directory (#13644)
+ Fix PathScale compiler id for Clang-based upstream
+ Update programmatically-reported copyright year (#13638)
+ FindSDL: Restore accidentally dropped search paths (#13651)
+ OS X: Fix default CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT with deployment target
+Rolf Eike Beer (2):
+ FindOpenSSL: fix library selection on Windows (#13645)
+ FindOpenSSL: also find the non-MD debug libraries for MSVC
+Stephen Kelly (1):
+ GenEx: Use case insensitive comparison for $<CONFIG:...>
+Changes in CMake 2.8.10 (since 2.8.10-rc3)
+Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc3 (since 2.8.10-rc2)
+Rolf Eike Beer (2):
+ SelectLibraryConfigurations: add testcase
+ SelectLibraryConfigurations: fix for release and debug libs being the same
+Stephen Kelly (5):
+ BasicConfigVersion: Make docs refer to the macro, not the module name
+ Document LOCATION undefined behavior with use of LINKER_LANGUAGE.
+ GenEx: Add an accessor for imported targets in a makefile.
+ GenEx: Create cmGeneratorTargets for imported targets.
+ GexEx: Validate Target names and property names differently.
+Thomas Arcila (1):
+ SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix foreach(x IN LISTS ...) syntax
+Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc2 (since 2.8.10-rc1)
+Alex Neundorf (2):
+ Automoc: fix #13572: issue with symbolic links
+Brad King (4):
+ cmCTestSVN: Fix compilation with Sun CC 5.1
+ if: Document that plain 'NOTFOUND' is a false constant
+ string: Clarify regex documentation of '-' behavior
+ FortranCInterface: Pass all flags to VERIFY project (#13579)
+David Cole (1):
+ NSIS: Fix incorrect uninstall registry key name (#13578)
+Eric NOULARD (3):
+ Make CPACK_SET_DESTDIR work with archive generator + component-based packaging
+Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):
+ CTest: Ensure CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS behaves nicely in Superbuild setup
+Pere Nubiola i Radigales (1):
+ Find PostgreSQL headers on Debian
+Peter Kümmel (4):
+ Ninja: also set OBJECT_DIR when compiling
+ Ninja: don't pollute current dir when using gui (#13495)
+ Ninja: implicit dependency for custom command files
+ Fix regression: write compile definitions if any
+Philip Lowman (4):
+ FindGTK2: Rollback lib64 changes which broke header file finding
+ FindGTK2: #12049 fix detection of header files on multiarch systems
+ FindGTK2: #12596 Missing paths for FindGTK2 on NetBSD
+ FindGTK2: Update local changelog
+Rolf Eike Beer (6):
+ CTest: fix usage of memory checker with spaces in path
+ CTest: fix pre and post test commands with spaces
+ CTest: add tests that simulate memcheck runs
+ CTest: improve memory checker type detection
+ CTest: add a check with a quoted memory checker
+Stephen Kelly (18):
+ GenEx: It is not an error to specify an empty parameter
+ GenEx: Return after error reported.
+ GenEx: Report actual target name not found, not "0" each time.
+ GenEx: Parse comma after colon tokens specially
+ GenEx: Validate target and property names.
+ GenEx: Ensure that the empty CONFIGURATION can be used conditionally.
+ GenEx: Add test for $<BOOL:> with empty parameter.
+ GenEx: Add tests for "0" and "1" expressions with literal commas.
+ GenEx: Don't use std::vector::at(int).
+ Attempt to fix the compile of cmake on Sun CC.
+ GenEx: Parse colon after arguments separator colon specially.
+ GenEx: Test the use of generator expressions to generate lists.
+ GenEx: Fix termination bugs in generator expression parser.
+ GenEx: Break if there are no more commas in the container
+ GenEx: Add some more asserts to verify code-sanity.
+ GenEx: Replace some failing tests with Borland and NMake makefiles.
+ GenEx: Fix reporting about not-found include directories and libraries.
+ Fix config-specific INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES in multi-config generators
+Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc1 (since 2.8.9)
+Scripted Changes (3):
+ Remove trailing whitespace from most CMake and C/C++ code
+ Convert CMake-language commands to lower case
+ Remove CMake-language block-end command arguments
+Alex Neundorf (27):
+ Eclipse: add support for the 4.2 Juno release (#13367)
+ Eclipse: improve (fix ?) version detection on OSX
+ Eclipse: fix #13358: don't create bad linked resources
+ Eclipse: fix #13358: don't create bad linked resources
+ remove non-working KDE4 test
+ Eclipse on OSX: fix handling of framework include dirs (#13464)
+ Eclipse on OSX: improve handling of framework include dirs (#13367)
+ -fix line length
+ fix #13474: also rescan dependencies if the depender does not exist
+ -fix line length
+ -fix Java dependency scanning, broken in previous commit
+ error out if CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS is TRUE but RULE_LAUNCH_* are not set
+ fix #13494: rerun automoc also if include dirs or moc options change
+ CMakeDetermineFortranCompiler: add support for cross-compiling (#13379)
+ Automoc: fix #13493, use target properties for include dirs
+ Automoc: do not use DEFINITIONS, but only COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
+ Automoc: also the makefile-COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
+ cmGlobalGenerator.h: some minor coding style fixes
+ Modules/readme.txt: fix typo
+ find_package: add support for a <package>_NOT_FOUND_MESSAGE variable
+ exports: store pointers to all installations of each export set
+ exports: accept a missing target if it is exported exactly once
+ exports: first try at error handling if a target is missing
+ exports: fix build with MSVC6
+ exports: move the handling of missing targets into subclasses
+ exports: define a CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NAME var set by find_package()
+ exports: add a test for exporting dependent targets
+Andreas Mohr (1):
+ FindCURL: Find older MSVC prebuilts
+Andy Piper (1):
+ Do not include directories which are part of the package install prefix.
+Benjamin Eikel (21):
+ Initial version of find module
+ FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_net
+ FindSDL: Version support for FindSDL_image
+ FindSDL: Use prefix SDL_NET, because it matches the file name.
+ FindSDL: Use SDL_IMAGE prefix for varibales
+ FindSDL: Add "cmake_minimum_required" to "try_compile" project
+ FindSDL: Format the documentation
+ FindSDL: Version support for FindSDL_sound
+ FindSDL: Use same capitalization for FPHSA as file name
+ FindSDL: Use SDL_MIXER prefix for variables
+ FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_mixer
+ FindSDL: Update documentation
+ FindSDL: Use SDL_TTF prefix for variables
+ FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_ttf
+ FindSDL: Update documentation
+ FindSDL: Format documentation
+ FindSDL: Add version support
+ FindSDL: Add my copyright tag to all FindSDL_* modules
+ FindSDL: Remove from find_... calls PATHS that are set by default
+ FindSDL: Stay compatible with old input variables
+Bill Hoffman (8):
+ Use OUTPUT_NORMAL instead of OUTPUT_MERGE for cmake -E chdir.
+ curl: Use find_package(OpenSSL)
+ curl: Make OpenSSL DLLs available to CMake on Windows
+ file(DOWNLOAD): Add options for SSL
+ Utilities/Release: Enable CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL in nightly binaries
+ Add SSL_VERIFYPEER and CAINFO file options to ExternalProject_Add.
+ Revert "Ninja: don't expand any rsp files"
+Brad King (83):
+ find_library: Add test covering lib->lib64 cases
+ find_library: Refactor lib->lib64 conversion
+ find_library: Simplify lib->lib<arch> expansion
+ find_library: Fix mixed lib->lib64 (non-)conversion cases (#13419)
+ CMakeDetermine(C|CXX)Compiler: Consider Clang compilers
+ Factor common code out of CMakeDetermine(ASM|C|CXX|Fortran)Compiler
+ Prefer generic system compilers by default for C, C++, and Fortran
+ Xcode: Fix object library references in multi-project trees (#13452)
+ Xcode: Run xcode-select to find Xcode version file (#13463)
+ Watcom: Simplify compiler version detection (#11866)
+ Remove trailing TAB from
+ Fix WarnUnusedUnusedViaUnset test pass/fail regex
+ CMakeVersion.bash: Update sed expression for lower-case 'set'
+ GetPrerequisites: Mark file_cmd as advanced cache entry
+ Add boolean generator expressions
+ Add $<CONFIG:...> boolean query generator expression
+ Recognize Clang ASM support (#13473)
+ Xcode: Set ASM source language in project file (#13472)
+ Tests/Assembler: Do not use assembler in universal binaries
+ Add FindHg module to find Mercurial
+ ExternalProject: Add Mercurial (hg) repository support
+ Qt4Macros: Fix recently broken resource file parsing
+ Tests/ObjectLibrary: Do not enable CXX in subdirectories
+ VS11: Rename 'Immersive' to 'WindowsAppContainer' (#12930)
+ VS: Disable precompiled headers unless enabled by project (#12930)
+ VS11: Generate flag tables from MSBuild V110 tool files
+ Detect Compaq compiler version with its id
+ Detect PathScale compiler version with its id
+ Detect TI compiler version with its id
+ Detect Comeau compiler version with its id
+ Detect SDCC compiler version with its id
+ Detect Cray compiler version with its id
+ Detect Analog VisualDSP++ compiler version with its id
+ Re-order C/C++/Fortran compiler determination logic
+ CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Prepare to detect IDE compiler id
+ Xcode: Detect the compiler id and tool location
+ VS: Detect the compiler id and tool location
+ Cleanly enable a language in multiple subdirectories
+ Test variables CMAKE_(C|CXX|Fortran)_COMPILER(|_ID|_VERSION)
+ Make platform information files specific to the CMake version
+ Move CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_WORKS to compiler information files
+ Store ABI detection results in compiler information files
+ VS: Remove support for "free" version 2003 tools
+ VS: Simplify MSVC version reporting
+ Modernize MSVC compiler information files
+ VS: Fix MSVC_IDE definition recently broken by refactoring
+ add_library: Document POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE default (#13479)
+ magrathea: Tell cmELF about DT_RUNPATH (#13497)
+ Utilities/Release: Link AIX binary with large maxdata
+ Utilities/xml: Add .gitattributes to disable whitespace checks
+ Utilities/xml: Add docbook-4.5 DTD (#13508)
+ docbook: Fix formatter naming convention to avoid shadow
+ docbook: Fix Sun CC warning on ptr_fun(isalnum)
+ curl: Honor OPENSSL_NO_SSL2
+ if: Compare up to 8 components in VERSION tests
+ ExternalProject: Generalize URL_MD5 option to URL_HASH
+ Rename SSL terminology to TLS
+ file(DOWNLOAD): Make TLS options behave as documented
+ OS X: Add platform-specific Clang compiler info files (#13536)
+ VS11: Detect VS 2012 Express for default generator (#13348)
+ VS11: Add VS 2012 Express support (#13348)
+ file(DOWNLOAD): Add HTTP User-Agent string
+ ExternalProject: Add DOWNLOAD_NAME option
+ file(DOWNLOAD): Change EXPECTED_HASH to take ALGO=value
+ VS8: Remove '.NET' from generator description (#10158)
+ Clang: Split Compiler/Clang* modules out from GNU (#13550)
+ Clang: All versions know about -fPIE (#13550)
+ Xcode: Remove unused code reading CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT_DEFAULT
+ OS X: Always generate -isysroot if any SDK is in use
+ OS X: Improve default CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT selection
+ bootstrap: Suppress CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT if CFLAGS have -isysroot
+ Tests/Assembler: Use CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to generate .s file
+ OS X: Allow CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to be a logical SDK name
+ OS X: Simplify selection of CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES
+ OS X: If CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT is already set do not compute default
+ OS X: Further improve default CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT selection
+ OS X: Teach deployment target sanity check about SDK names
+ OS X: Ignore MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET during Xcode compiler id
+ Verify that PDB_(NAME|OUTPUT_DIRECTORY) are honored in test
+ Document that PDB_(NAME|OUTPUT_DIRECTORY) are ignored for VS 6
+ Run PDBDirectoryAndName test on MSVC and Intel
+Clinton Stimpson (8):
+ fphsa: clarify message about minimum required version found.
+ DeployQt4: Include DESTDIR for some cpack generators.
+ Add -DNDEBUG to RelWithDebInfo flags where where Release flags had it.
+ Fix regex for qt minor version.
+ FindQt4: Give precedence to QTDIR environment variable, if set.
+ FindQt4: Give precedence to QTDIR environment variable, if set.
+ Fix errors detecting Qt4 on Windows 8.
+ cmake-gui: Fix error status when interrupted.
+Daniel Pfeifer (8):
+ Simplify CMake.HTML documentation test command line
+ docbook: Remove table of contents
+ docbook: Factor out code to write valid DocBook IDs
+ docbook: Fix the DocBook section output
+ docbook: Cleanup formatter and generated DocBook
+ docbook: Add support for <abstract> at section level 1
+ docbook: Add CMake.DocBook test to validate xml (#13508)
+ docbook: Remove redundant docs that cause invalid DocBook
+David Cole (9):
+ Begin post-2.8.9 development
+ Release: Temporarily exclude ExternalProject test on cygwin
+ Add ability to run as a ctest -S script also
+ CMake: Clarify the documentation for if(f1 IS_NEWER_THAN f2)
+ Convert the CPACK_CYGWIN_PATCH_NUMBER variable to a cache variable
+ InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Use correct file names (#13315)
+ ProcessorCount: Mark find_program vars as advanced (#13236)
+ FindQt4: Avoid "finding" non-existent library in a .framework
+ FindMPI: Set correct variables for calls to FPHSA
+Eric NOULARD (2):
+ Enhance DESTDIR documentation. Fixes #0012374.
+ Handles %attr(nnn,-,-) /path/to/file in CPACK_RPM_USER_FILELIST properly.
+James Bigler (3):
+ Replace -g3 with -g for CUDA 4.1 and 4.2 in addition to CUDA < 3.0.
+ Added CUDA_SOURCE_PROPERTY_FORMAT. Allows setting per file format (OBJ or PTX)
+ FindCUDA: Added CUDA_HOST_COMPILER variable.
+Marcin Wojdyr (1):
+ Remove CMake multiline block-end command arguments
+Nils Gladitz (1):
+ ctest_update: Tell svn not to prompt interactively (#13024)
+Patrick Gansterer (4):
+ VS: Cleanup AddPlatformDefinitions() of Visual Studio generators
+ Add additional architectures to
+ Add WindowsCE platform information files
+ VS: Remove duplicated implementations of CreateLocalGenerator()
+Peter Kuemmel (1):
+ Ninja: don't expand any rsp files
+Peter Kümmel (15):
+ Ninja: cmcldeps needs a compiler
+ Ninja: don't crash on returned 0 pointer
+ Ninja: prepare msvc pdb cleanup
+ Ninja:split out setting of msvc TARGET_PDB
+ Ninja: remove GetTargetPDB because it is used only once
+ Ninja: also detect /showInclude prefix for icl
+ Find mingw's windres also when Unix Makefiles are used
+ Ninja: don't suppress warning about compiler options
+ Ninja: suppress cmcldeps only for source file signature try_compiles
+ Ninja: filter target specific compile flags with language specific regex
+ Ninja: OBJECT_DEPENDS should set an implicit dependency
+ Ninja: don't confuse ninja's rsp files with nmake's
+ Ninja: move -LIBPATH behind -link option
+ Ninja: move <OBJECTS> in front of the first linker option
+ Ninja: add option to enforce usage of response files
+Philip Lowman (3):
+ FindOpenSceneGraph: CMake variable OSG_DIR influences detection now too
+ FindGTK2: Add GTK2_CAIROMMCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR for cairommconfig.h
+ CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Visual Studio 2012 added
+Rolf Eike Beer (25):
+ remove lib64 Unix paths if the respective lib path is also given
+ FindOpenSSL: find cross-compiled OpenSSL from MinGW (#13431)
+ FindOpenSSL: use SelectLibraryConfigurations
+ FindOpenSSL: let CMake handle environment variable HINTS
+ FindOpenSSL: cleanup path hints
+ FindOpenSSL: remove leftover comment
+ SelectLibraryConfiguration: generate correct output when input vars are lists
+ Fix typo direcotry -> directory (and similar) [#13444]
+ FindSelfPackers: fix typo (#13456)
+ CheckTypeSize: show in documentation how to get struct member size (#10579)
+ CheckTypeSize: add a test for size of struct members
+ FindX11: remove duplicates from X11 include path list (#13316)
+ FindX11: avoid calling list(REMOVE_DUPLICATES) on an empty list
+ list command: error on too many arguments
+ CMake.List test: explicitely test with lists containing only an empty string
+ use the find_* functions ENV parameter
+ use PATH_SUFFIXES to simplify find_* calls
+ do not escape spaces in regular expressions
+ read less from version headers into variables
+ FindFLEX: fix version extraction on Apple
+ FindGettext: remove code duplicating FPHSA checks
+ include FPHSA from current directory in all modules
+ FindOpenSceneGraph: simplify by using more features of FPHSA
+ FindSDL: add SDLMAIN_LIBRARY only once (#13262)
+ add documentation for all MSVCxxx version variables (#12567)
+Sergei Nikulov (1):
+ fix for discovering ft2build.h using FREETYPE_DIR environment var (#13502)
+Stephen Kelly (60):
+ Add new qt4_use_modules function.
+ Add missing whitespace to docs.
+ Fix some typos in the docs.
+ Remove incorrect doc string for link type enum
+ Remove duplicate 'of' from docs.
+ Fix unfortunate documentation error for PIC feature.
+ Don't duplicate -D defines sent to the compiler.
+ Fix CompileDefinitions test on Visual Studio.
+ Fix the test setting COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property
+ Rename files from main.cpp to more meaningful names.
+ Fix casing of 'Qt' in docs, comments and user-visible strings.
+ Read entire Qt4 qrc file when parsing for depends info.
+ Add a return-after-error if an old Qt is found.
+ Use CMake platform variables instead of Qt ones.
+ Move variable setting down to where it relates to.
+ Remove an if which is always true.
+ Use add_subdirectory instead of the obsolete subdirs.
+ Replace two include_directories with a setting.
+ Compile with both Qt4 and Qt5.
+ Build with Qt5 if it is found.
+ cmGeneratorExpression: Re-write for multi-stage evaluation
+ cmGeneratorExpression: Port users to two-stage processing
+ Fix the regular expression validator for target names.
+ Handle colons as a special case in the generator expression parser.
+ Enable deprecated API when using Qt 5.
+ Add more forwarding API to cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Store cmGeneratorTargets with the makefile.
+ Move GenerateTargetManifest to cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Move GetLinkInformation to cmGeneratorTarget
+ Make cmLocalGenerator::AddArchitectureFlags take a cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Move GetCreateRuleVariable to cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Port cmLocalGenerator::GetTargetFlags to cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Move GetIncludeDirectories to cmGeneratorTarget.
+ Append the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS from the Makefile to all targets.
+ Add a wrapper for accessing config-specific compile-definitions.
+ Add convenience for getting a cmGeneratorTarget to use.
+ Fix compiler warning with initialization order.
+ Revert "Move GenerateTargetManifest to cmGeneratorTarget."
+ Use the cmGeneratorTarget for the include directories API.
+ Fix indentation in the code blocks generator.
+ Port remaining code to GetCompileDefinitions().
+ Add include guard for cmGeneratorExpression.
+ Don't prepend a path before generator expressions in include_directories.
+ Convert paths in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property to Unix slashes.
+ Add an AppendDefines std::string overload.
+ Return a std::string from GetCompileDefinitions.
+ Refactor GetCompileDefinitions a bit.
+ Extend the generator expression language with more logic.
+ Add a generator expression for target properties.
+ Add API to check that dependent target properties form a DAG.
+ Add a self-reference check for target properties.
+ Early return if there is no target.
+ Process generator expressions in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property.
+ Process generator expressions in the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property.
+ Fix the layout of the generator expression documentation.
+ Fix punctuation in some variables documentation.
+ Document that generator expressions can be used in target properties.
+ Remove unused parameter marker and the unused parameter.
+ Fix minor typos.
+ Remove period at the end of the check message.
+Tom Schutter (2):
+ cmake-mode.el: Use more readable regex and case-fold-search
+ cmake-mode.el: add local keybindings
+Xavier Besseron (7):
+ cmCTestSVN: Add the new SVNInfo structure
+ cmCTestSVN: Extend Revision struct with SVN repo information
+ cmCTestSVN: Add the Repositories list and the RootInfo pointer
+ cmCTestSVN: Create the SVNInfo for the root repository
+ cmCTestSVN: Use the SVNInfo structure
+ cmCTestSVN: Add a LoadExternal() function and an ExternalParser class
+ cmCTestSVN: Load and process information from externals
+Yuchen Deng (1):
+ Add PDB_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY and PDB_NAME target properties (#10830)
+Yury G. Kudryashov (7):
+ exports: Move cmTargetExport to a dedicated header file
+ exports: Remove cmTargetExport constructor
+ exports: Rename cmGlobalGenerator::AddTargetToExport{s,}
+ exports: Create class cmExportSet
+ exports: Add cmExportSetMap class
+ exports: Hold an ExportSet pointer in cm*Export*Generator
+ exports: cmGlobalGenerator::ExportSets destructor will clear it
+Zack Galbreath (2):
+ Clean up documentation formatting so that it is rendered properly in HTML.
+ cmparseMSBuildXML: Include DisplayName in the output
Changes in CMake 2.8.9 (since 2.8.9-rc3)