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@@ -92,12 +92,12 @@ public:
"facilitates creating macros with optional arguments. Additionally "
"${ARGV} holds the list of all arguments given to the macro and "
"${ARGN} "
- "holds the list of argument past the last expected argument. "
+ "holds the list of arguments past the last expected argument. "
"Note that the parameters to a macro and values such as ARGN "
"are not variables in the usual CMake sense. They are string "
- "replacements much like the c preprocessor would do with a "
- "macro. If you want true CMake variables you should look at "
- "the function command."
+ "replacements much like the C preprocessor would do with a macro. "
+ "If you want true CMake variables and/or better CMake scope control "
+ "you should look at the function command."
"See the cmake_policy() command documentation for the behavior of "
"policies inside macros."