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+This is CMake, the cross-platform, open-source make system.
+CMake is distributed under the BSD License, see Copyright.txt.
+For documentation see the Docs/ directory once you have built CMake
+or visit
+Building CMake
+Supported Platforms
+MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, BeOS, QNX
+Other UNIX-like operating systems may work too out of the box, if not
+it shouldn't be a major problem to port CMake to this platform. Contact the
+CMake mailing list in this case:
+If you don't have any previous version of CMake already installed
+* UNIX/Mac OSX/MinGW/MSYS/Cygwin:
+You need to have a compiler and a make installed.
+Run the bootstrap script you find the in the source directory of CMake.
+You can use the --help option to see the supported options.
+You may want to use the --prefix=<install_prefix> option to specify a custom
+installation directory for CMake. You can run the bootstrap script from
+within the CMake source directory or any other build directory of your
+choice. Once this has finished successfully, run make and make install.
+So basically it's the same as you may be used to from autotools-based
+$ ./bootstrap; make; make install
+* Other Windows:
+You need to download and install a binary release of CMake in order to build
+CMake. You can get these releases from
+ . Then proceed with the instructions
+You already have a version of CMake installed
+You can build CMake as any other project with a CMake-based build system:
+run the installed CMake on the sources of this CMake with your preferred
+options and generators. Then build it and install it.
+For instructions how to do this, see