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2015-07-08Fix CMake typosLuke Yeager1-3/+3
No functional changes, just fixing whitespace errors and typos in comments
2015-04-02Build gflags and glog through CMake if not found in the systemNuno Subtil1-0/+4
This adds functionality to fetch gflags and glog from GitHub and build them during the Caffe build. This happens only if a system-wide installed version is not found (i.e., when find_package() fails). If built as part of the Caffe build, gflags and glog are compiled as position-independent static libraries. This avoids doing a system-wide install of these libraries during the Caffe install target.
2015-02-17cmake 2.8.7. supportAnatoly Baksheev1-2/+1
2015-02-17improve CMake buildAnatoly Baksheev1-0/+170