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more instructions on how to contribute
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@@ -69,3 +69,31 @@ Our workflow is this:
- Do new development in [feature branches](!workflow-feature-branch) with decriptive names.
- Bring your work up-to-date by [rebasing]( onto the latest `dev`. (Polish your changes by [interactive rebase](, if you'd like.)
- [Pull request]( your contribution to BVLC/caffe's `dev` branch for discussion and review.
+#### [Shelhamer's]( "life of a branch in four acts":
+Make the `feature` branch off of the latest `bvlc/dev`
+git checkout dev
+git pull upstream dev
+git checkout -b feature
+# do your work, make commits
+Prepare to merge by rebasing your branch on the latest `bvlc/dev`
+# make sure dev is fresh
+git checkout dev
+git pull upstream dev
+# rebase your branch on the tip of dev
+git checkout feature
+git rebase --preserve-merges dev
+Push your branch to pull request it into `dev`
+git push origin feature
+# ...make pull request... you can do `git pull-request` if you install [hub](
+The pull request of feature into `dev` will be a clean merge, applause.