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-c-ares version 1.10.0
+c-ares version 1.12.0
- o Added ares_create_query(), to be used instead of ares_mkquery()
- o ares_inet_ntop() and ares_inet_pton() are now recognized c-ares functions
+ o api: add ARES_OPT_NOROTATE optmask value
Bug fixes:
- o include the ares_parse_soa_reply.* files in the tarball
- o read_udp_packets: bail out loop on bad sockets
- o get_DNS_AdaptersAddresses: fix IPv6 parsing
- o adig: perror() doesn't work for socket errors on windows
- o ares_parse_aaaa_reply: fix memory leak
- o setup_once.h: HP-UX <sys/socket.h> issue workaround
- o configure: several fixes
- o config-dos.h: define strerror() to strerror_s_() for High-C
- o config-dos.h: define HAVE_CLOSE_S for MSDOS/Watt-32
- o ares_build.h.dist: enhance non-configure GCC ABI detection logic
- o ares.h: stricter CARES_EXTERN linkage decorations logic
- o ares_cancel(): cancel requests safely
- o protocol parsing: check input data stricter
- o library init: be recursive, reference count inits/cleanups
- o ares_parse_txt_reply: return a ares_txt_reply node for each sub-string
- o ares_set_servers_csv: fixed IPv6 address parsing
- o build: fix build on msvc11
+ o CVE-2016-5180: ares_create_query single byte out of buffer write [4]
+ o configure: acknowledge --disable-tests [1]
+ o man pages: fix typos detected by Lintian
+ o test: add missing #includes for
+ o test: avoid in6addr_* constants
+ o test: Build with MinGW on AppVeyor
+ o Makefile.m32: add support for extra flags
+ o Makefile.m32: add support for CROSSPREFIX
+ o configure: check if tests can get built before enabled
+ o ares_library_cleanup: reset ares_realloc too
+ o ahost.c: add cast to fix C++ compile
+ o test: Only pass unused args to GoogleTest
+ o build: commonize MSVC version detection
+ o support Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, 2, 3
+ o test: for AF_UNSPEC, return CNAME only for AAAA, but valid A record
+ o ares_getnameinfo: explicitly clear struct servent before use
+ o test: Update fuzzing function prototype
+ o init: fix nsort initialization
+ o test: add fuzzing check script to tests
+ o web: http => https
+ o read_tcp_data: remove superfluous NULL check
+ o add a stand-alone license file
+ o suggested "security process" for the project
+ o ares_init_options: only propagate init failures from options [2]
+ o headers: remove checks for and defines of variable sizes
+ o test: fix gMock to work with gcc >= 6.x [3]
Thanks go to these friendly people for their efforts and contributions:
- Eugeny Gladkih, Yang Tse, Gisle Vanem, Guenter Knauf, Horatiu Popescu,
- Alexander Klauer, Patrick Valsecchi, Paul Saab, Keith Shaw,
- Alex Loukissas
+ Alexander Drachevskiy, Brad House, Chris Araman, Daniel Stenberg,
+ David Drysdale, Gregor Jasny, Svante Karlsson, Viktor Szakats
+References to bug reports and discussions on issues:
-Have fun!
+ [1] =
+ [2] =
+ [3] =
+ [4] =