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ares_parse_naptr_reply: check sufficient dataHEADtizenrefs/changes/91/142691/1
Description: ares_parse_naptr_reply: check sufficient data Check that there is enough data for the required elements of an NAPTR record (2 int16, 3 bytes for string lengths) before processing a record. ares_parse_naptr_reply: make buffer length check more accurate 9478908 introduced a length check for records parsed by `ares_parse_naptr_reply()`. However, that function is designed to parse replies which also contain non-NAPTR records; for A records, the `rr_len > 7` check will fail as there are only 4 bytes of payload. In particular, parsing ANY replies for NAPTR records was broken by that patch. Fix that by moving the check into the case in which it is already known that the record is a NAPTR record. Change-Id: I7ca730c0367ff1cc416e67a3a99021438d237666
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