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authorYang Tse <>2009-05-21 17:40:55 (GMT)
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Include .pdf versions of c-ares man pages in distribution tarball.
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diff --git a/maketgz b/maketgz
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--- a/maketgz
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@@ -48,10 +48,24 @@ print "makes a new configure script\n";
print "running configure\n";
+# generate HTML versions of man pages
+# Deactivated for now. It seems that man pages need some adjustments
+# relative to paragraph and/or line breaks for proper html formatting.
+# EXTRA_DIST will need $(HTMLPAGES) when this is fully activated.
+# print "running make html\n";
+# `make -s html`;
+# generate PDF versions of man pages
+print "running make pdf\n";
+`make -s pdf`;
# now make the actual tarball
print "running make dist\n";
`make dist VERSION=$version`;
+# remove temporay sourced man pages
+`make -s clean-sourced-manpages`;
print "removing temporary file\n";
print "removing temporary ares_version.h file\n";