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authorYang Tse <>2009-10-30 16:21:56 (GMT)
committerYang Tse <>2009-10-30 16:21:56 (GMT)
commitcef06973a24cc728d2903a63034f5524a95d6ba3 (patch)
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parentde48a86cf62bc67edafc5ebf37484cb68f14dd55 (diff)
In no particular order, changed/fixed all of the following in
ares_parse_txt_reply() current version: - Fixed a couple of potential double free's. - Fixed memory leaks upon out of memory condition. - Fixed pointer arithmetic. - Setting ntxtreply to zero upon entry for all failure cases. - Changed data type to size_t for variables substr_len, str_len and the length member of ares_txt_reply struct. - Avoided a couple of memcpy() calls. - Changed i data type to unsigned int to prevent compiler warnings. - Adjusted a comment. - Use ARES_SUCCESS literal for successfull completion. - Added CVS Id tag.
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diff --git a/ares.h b/ares.h
index 35038d2..593a145 100644
--- a/ares.h
+++ b/ares.h
@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ struct ares_srv_reply {
struct ares_txt_reply {
- unsigned int length;
+ size_t length; /* length excludes null termination */
unsigned char *txt;