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library version it is using.
+ How to install using MSVC from the command line
+ -----------------------------------------------
+ In order to allow easy usage of c-ares libraries it may be convenient to
+ install c-ares libraries and header files to a common subdirectory tree.
+ Once that c-ares libraries have been built using procedure described above,
+ use same command prompt window to define environment variable INSTALL_DIR
+ to designate the top subdirectory where installation of c-ares libraries and
+ header files will be done.
+ > set INSTALL_DIR=c:\c-ares
+ Afterwards, run following command to actually perform the installation:
+ > nmake -f Makefile.msvc install
+ Installation procedure will copy c-ares libraries to subdirectory 'lib' and
+ c-ares header files to subdirectory 'include' below the INSTALL_DIR subdir.
+ When environment variable INSTALL_DIR is not defined, installation is done
+ to c-ares source folder where Makefile.msvc file is located.
How to build using Visual Studio 6 IDE