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-This package is based on ares 1.1.1 (written by Greg Hudson). I've decided to
-put together and release my own ares archives since the ares maintainer
-doesn't want these improvements.
+This package is based on ares 1.1.1 (written by Greg Hudson). I decided to
+fork and release a separate project since the ares author didn't want the
+improvements that were vital for our use of it.
-The package is thus dubbed 'c-ares' since I (Daniel Stenberg) want this for
-use within the curl project (hence the letter C) and it makes a nice
-pun. Also, c-ares will not remain API compatible with the original ares, so
-picking a new name makes it more obvious to the public.
+This package is dubbed 'c-ares' since I (Daniel Stenberg) wanted this for use
+within the curl project (hence the letter C) and it makes a nice pun. Also,
+c-ares is not API compatible with ares: a new name makes that more obvious to
+the public.
The full source code is available in the 'c-ares' release archives, and in the
'ares' subdir of the curl CVS source repostitory.
If you find bugs, correct flaws, have questions or have comments in general in
regard to c-ares (or by all means the original ares too), get in touch with us
-on the curl-library mailing list.
+on the c-ares mailing list:
c-ares is of course distributed under the same MIT-style license as the
original ares.