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@@ -10,54 +10,4 @@ within the curl project (hence the letter C) and it makes a nice pun. Also,
c-ares is not API compatible with ares: a new name makes that more obvious to
the public.
-The full source code is available in the 'c-ares' release archives, and in a
-git repository:
-If you find bugs, correct flaws, have questions or have comments in general in
-regard to c-ares (or by all means the original ares too), get in touch with us
-on the c-ares mailing list:
-c-ares is of course distributed under the same MIT-style license as the
-original ares.
-You'll find all c-ares details and news here:
-The following notes apply to c-ares version 1.7.0 and later.
-* The distributed ares_build.h file is only intended to be used on systems
- which can not run the also distributed configure script.
-* The distributed ares_build.h file is generated as a copy of ares_build.h.dist
- when the c-ares source code distribution archive file is originally created.
-* If you check out from git on a non-configure platform, you must run the
- appropriate buildconf* script to set up ares_build.h and other local files
- before being able of compiling the library.
-* On systems capable of running the configure script, the configure process
- will overwrite the distributed ares_build.h file with one that is suitable
- and specific to the library being configured and built, this new file is
- generated from the template file.
-* If you intend to distribute an already compiled c-ares library you _MUST_
- also distribute along with it the generated ares_build.h which has been
- used to compile it. Otherwise the library will be of no use for the users of
- the library that you have built. It is _your_ responsability to provide this
- file. No one at the c-ares project can know how you have built the library.
-* File ares_build.h includes platform and configuration dependent info,
- and must not be modified by anyone. Configure script generates it for you.
-* We cannot assume anything else but very basic compiler features being
- present. While c-ares requires an ANSI C compiler to build, some of the
- earlier ANSI compilers clearly can't deal with some preprocessor operators.
-* Newlines must remain unix-style for older compilers' sake.
-* Comments must be written in the old-style /* unnested C-fashion */
+The original libares was distributed at