tag nameaccepted/tizen/ivi/20140729.225437 (d6b6d8a9276baca36eb72ddeaeaf2e0f45973d36)
tag date2014-07-29 15:54:37 -0700
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The SR (Submit Request) has been accepted to OBS Tizen:IVI project.
- Package: boost - Reviewer: bartosh - Comments: SR 27345 is set to acceptedYour submission has been accepted into Tizen IVI project. - After rebuild your package(s) will end up in the latest IVI snapshot repositories: i586 atom repository: i586 emulator repository: - You can find latest snapshot images in the latest IVI snapshot repository: i586 EFI image: i586 MBR image: i586 MBR emulator image: - Your package(s) will be included into the next daily release. - Thanks, Tizen Release Engineering Team - Git project: platform/upstream/boost - Tag:submit/tizen/20140722.061742 - Commit: 20a713c3af06dae9a414d02df6bd9331c5da2331 - Request URL: