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+// Boost.Units - A C++ library for zero-overhead dimensional analysis and
+// unit/quantity manipulation and conversion
+// Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Matthias Christian Schabel
+// Copyright (C) 2008 Steven Watanabe
+// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See
+// accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
+/// \file
+/// \brief Forward declarations of library components.
+/// \details Forward declarations of units library - dimensions, systems, quantity and string components.
+#include <string>
+namespace boost {
+namespace units {
+template<typename T,typename V> struct dim;
+template<typename T> struct is_dim;
+struct dimensionless_type;
+template<class Item,class Next> struct list;
+template<typename Seq> struct make_dimension_list;
+template<class T> struct is_dimensionless;
+template<class S1,class S2> struct is_implicitly_convertible;
+template<class T> struct get_dimension;
+template<class T> struct get_system;
+template<class Y> class absolute;
+template<class Dim,class System, class Enable=void> class unit;
+template<long Base, class Exponent> struct scale;
+template<class BaseUnitTag> struct base_unit_info;
+template<class System> struct dimensionless_unit;
+template<class T> struct is_unit;
+template<class T,class Dim> struct is_unit_of_dimension;
+template<class T,class System> struct is_unit_of_system;
+template<class Unit,class Y> class quantity;
+template<class System,class Y> struct dimensionless_quantity;
+template<class T> struct is_quantity;
+template<class T,class Dim> struct is_quantity_of_dimension;
+template<class T,class System> struct is_quantity_of_system;
+template<class From,class To> struct conversion_helper;
+template<class T> std::string to_string(const T&);
+template<class T> std::string name_string(const T&);
+template<class T> std::string symbol_string(const T&);
+template<class T> std::string raw_string(const T&);
+template<class T> std::string typename_string(const T&);
+} // namespace units
+} // namespace boost