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authorDongHun Kwak <>2016-04-12 06:53:04 (GMT)
committerDongHun Kwak <>2016-04-12 06:53:04 (GMT)
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[Model] All [BinType] AP [Customer] OPEN [Issue#] N/A [Request] N/A [Occurrence Version] N/A [Problem] build error at pool.hpp ./boost/pool/pool.hpp:361:28: error: 'math' has not been declared [Cause & Measure] Invalid merge at "Bump to 1.58.0" [Checking Method] build test [Team] Open Source Management and Setting Part [Developer] dh0128.kwak [Solution company] Samsung [Change Type] N/A Change-Id: I626490e3ea85450441b704bef3d646813f053ad0 Signed-off-by: DongHun Kwak <>
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diff --git a/boost/pool/pool.hpp b/boost/pool/pool.hpp
index 8fb1878..fe69c4f 100644
--- a/boost/pool/pool.hpp
+++ b/boost/pool/pool.hpp
@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ class pool: protected simple_segregated_storage < typename UserAllocator::size_t
size_type max_chunks() const
{ //! Calculated maximum number of memory chunks that can be allocated in a single call by this Pool.
size_type partition_size = alloc_size();
- size_type POD_size = math::static_lcm<sizeof(size_type), sizeof(void *)>::value + sizeof(size_type);
+ size_type POD_size = integer::static_lcm<sizeof(size_type), sizeof(void *)>::value + sizeof(size_type);
size_type max_chunks = (std::numeric_limits<size_type>::max() - POD_size) / alloc_size();
return max_chunks;