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Force threading of all interrupt handlers except those
marked explicitly IRQF_NO_THREAD.
+ tmem [KNL,XEN]
+ Enable the Transcendent memory driver if built-in.
+ tmem.cleancache=0|1 [KNL, XEN]
+ Default is on (1). Disable the usage of the cleancache
+ API to send anonymous pages to the hypervisor.
+ tmem.frontswap=0|1 [KNL, XEN]
+ Default is on (1). Disable the usage of the frontswap
+ API to send swap pages to the hypervisor. If disabled
+ the selfballooning and selfshrinking are force disabled.
+ tmem.selfballooning=0|1 [KNL, XEN]
+ Default is on (1). Disable the driving of swap pages
+ to the hypervisor.
+ tmem.selfshrinking=0|1 [KNL, XEN]
+ Default is on (1). Partial swapoff that immediately
+ transfers pages from Xen hypervisor back to the
+ kernel based on different criteria.
topology= [S390]
Format: {off | on}
Specify if the kernel should make use of the cpu