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@@ -134,6 +134,13 @@ temperature) and throttle appropriate devices.
this thermal zone and cdev, for a particular trip point.
If nth bit is set, then the cdev and thermal zone are bound
for trip point n.
+ .limits: This is an array of cooling state limits. Must have exactly
+ 2 * thermal_zone.number_of_trip_points. It is an array consisting
+ of tuples <lower-state upper-state> of state limits. Each trip
+ will be associated with one state limit tuple when binding.
+ on all trips. These limits are used when binding a cdev to a
+ trip point.
.match: This call back returns success(0) if the 'tz and cdev' need to
be bound, as per platform data.
1.4.2 struct thermal_zone_params
@@ -142,6 +149,11 @@ temperature) and throttle appropriate devices.
This is an optional feature where some platforms can choose not to
provide this data.
.governor_name: Name of the thermal governor used for this zone
+ .no_hwmon: a boolean to indicate if the thermal to hwmon sysfs interface
+ is required. when no_hwmon == false, a hwmon sysfs interface
+ will be created. when no_hwmon == true, nothing will be done.
+ In case the thermal_zone_params is NULL, the hwmon interface
+ will be created (for backward compatibility).
.num_tbps: Number of thermal_bind_params entries for this zone
.tbp: thermal_bind_params entries