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ARM: exynos: add support secondary core bootup in big.LITTLE processor.
This patch adds support secondary core bootup in big.LITTLE processor for platsmp. Just core id cannot be used for identification, because there is a pair of the cores which have same core id. Cluster id have to be included for their identification. This patch makes cpu index using cluster id and core id for the calculation of their register address and the identification. But there is a problem to use cluster id for core index creation. That is, cluster id does not start from 0 in old processors which do not have more than one cluster. For example, Exynos4412's cluster id for its 4 core is 0xa. So I makes all cluster id to 0 when they are bigger than 1. Normally big.LITTLE processor does not use platsmp. But at this moment, just for the minimal functionality of big.LITTLE, this patch adds support for it. This patch can be reverted after another CPU management method is adopted. Change-Id: Ifa2d62545dd4174998f962c9608fd6d9b6034c16 Signed-off-by: Hyungwon Hwang <>
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