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2013-09-12Remove debian packaging stuffsubmit/tizen_ivi_stable/20131116.100752submit/tizen_ivi_panda/20140403.011911submit/tizen_ivi_genivi/20140131.040745submit/tizen/20130912.090506submit/tizen/20130912.080159submit/tizen/20130912.055450ivi_oct_m2accepted/tizen_ivi_stable/20131116.111720accepted/tizen/ivi/panda/20140403.014914accepted/tizen/ivi/genivi/20140131.041739accepted/tizen/20130912.195206accepted/tizen/20130912.190944accepted/tizen/20130912.153304accepted/tizen/20130912.083004accepted/tizen/20130912.060025tizen_ivi_pandatizen_ivi_geniviaccepted/tizen_ivi_pandaaccepted/tizen_genericaccepted/tizen/ivi/stableaccepted/tizen/ivi/geniviChengwei Yang7-751/+5
Change-Id: Id88c57fb7880eb3db45368cf0182d862965ae315 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-09-04Fix RPMLINT errorVictor Hakoun2-1/+4
Change-Id: I1c1c76325a0a0b1f5026fb29c8a4d00322ef42fa Signed-off-by: Victor Hakoun <>
2013-08-21Remove sysvinit script and fix systemd unitChengwei Yang6-95/+4
Sysvinit script is obsolete since tizen 2.1, so it's time to remove it. Meanwhile, there was a minor bug when migrate from sysvinit to systemd, so fix it. Change-Id: If34315c539429e0802050756cc343b69d2c77753 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-21Install dbus service file to system-wide dbus service directoryChengwei Yang4-3/+6
This is a minor fix for dbus activation, there are two kinds of dbus bus daemon, system-wide bus and session bus per user. And they have its own different service directory. Change-Id: I52936caa5822bd3211488a7828f8f79f3b613ee9 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-21Add User field to dbus service fileChengwei Yang2-0/+4
As a system-wide service, dbus will rejecte to activate it if the service file didn't specified a known user. Change-Id: I2d37e2de4fb684acdbc894181fb7e5c3a7307018 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-21Add dbus policy confChengwei Yang5-0/+16
By default, dbus will reject own bus name request, this patch add a dbus policy conf to make it's allowed to own the bus name and request send to it. Bug: Change-Id: If2a831778175cb5feab8ed63295df76326e16cd3 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-21Move systemd unit file out of packagingChengwei Yang4-7/+9
As Tizen packaging guide suggests, systemd unit file should be part of source code rather than part of packaging. Change-Id: I3fa6a6196d881fa9229fe231e025e501f4d00822 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-21Fix build failure due to badness exceeds limitationChengwei Yang2-4/+7
rpmlint calculates "badness" scores based on various errors found in the spec file. If the cumulative error score exceeds the defined badness limit, then the package will fail to build in OBS. (Patrick McCarty) this patch fixed various these spec errors so as the build failure. Change-Id: Id3ded4a303f168ff505c90243ec72cccf1dd04a8 Signed-off-by: Chengwei Yang <>
2013-08-14packaging: remove explicit requires on sys-assertsubmit/tizen/20130815.013340Patrick McCarty2-1/+3
The oma-ds-agent package does not require sys-assert, so remove the explicit dependency in the spec file. Change-Id: Iacc1a200e4999537573701e524f291cce4927b71 Signed-off-by: Patrick McCarty <>
2013-06-20Fixed build error on 3.0submit/tizen/20130620.112008Junfeng Dong2-4/+4
Removed Werror to fix GCC 4.7. Installed systemd into /usr/lib. Change-Id: I6d62ac9552154d88ea413f9b5ba63f44f32b1ceb Signed-off-by: Junfeng Dong <>
2013-05-08[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.66] SR Releasesubmit/tizen_2.1/20130514.053454submit/tizen/20130517.045212accepted/tizen/20130520.101249tizen_2.1sanghyuk Ko2-1/+11
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - when profile refresh, check account_id validance. - fixed that interval value check error. - fixed taht uri value return error. Change-Id: I742a32ea890d15a294f400f208ebe96724df2d4b
2013-05-08[Internal: web-api issues fixed]sanghyuk Ko4-43/+72
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - when profile refresh, check account_id validance. - fixed that interval value check error. - fixed taht uri value return error. Change-Id: Iab230400d429017e7596b4f257b86212abab46d8
2013-05-02[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.65] SR Releasesanghyuk Ko2-1/+9
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - When synchronising, edit/delete request block. Change-Id: Ibf4a959779f0313cb3582566bb36e5ce1c33eca0
2013-04-30[JIRA:N_SE-30007] Get profilesNum failed.sanghyuk Ko4-42/+156
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - When synchronising, edit/delete request block. Change-Id: Ia79cdd01db49fc9472159d210f979d53d6032d29
2013-04-01[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.64] SR Releasesubmit/tizen_2.1/20130424.233139accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.0252172.1b_releasesanghyuk Ko2-1/+11
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - Add smack label for dbus service - Add 'oma-ds-agent.service' file - oma-ds-agent permit changed. (app -> root) Change-Id: I7ffe316e8cecf3d2d00b826f0ae4d08e6b4f063e
2013-04-01[Internal: change] oma-ds-agent permit changed. (app -> root)sanghyuk Ko2-8/+8
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - oma-ds-agent authorize root. (app -> root) Change-Id: I09bc468bd299c56fee6dc2d0e21a52f706d215fa
2013-03-28[systemd] Add 'oma-ds-agent.service' fileSangjung Woo2-0/+19
The OMA DS maintainer, Sanghyuk Ko, wants 'oma-ds-agent' daemon to be launched at boot time. So 'oma-ds-agent.service' file is added for this request. Change-Id: I90fd8d5194bf96b082e93611165e83d2e296fb2f Signed-off-by: Sangjung Woo <>
2013-03-27[Internal: smack label] Add smack labelsanghyuk Ko1-0/+6
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - Add smack label for dbus service - Add smack label from private Change-Id: I32f43be906ef321f4754f203a8f0718553f5a1a4
2013-03-20[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.63] SR Releasesanghyuk Ko2-1/+9
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - wWhen profile gets, input param changed Change-Id: Iccf7edb68b73847443b82907a976c4706819a490
2013-03-20[Internal: API change] When profile gets, input param changed.sanghyuk Ko6-97/+101
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - When profile gets, input param changed. Change-Id: Ia6bd333d985c7a400b630cc7d069ad4d5ff56d44
2013-03-16merge with masterJinkun Jang26-340/+1554
2013-03-13Tizen 2.1 baseJinkun Jang94-0/+37897
2012-08-21Initial empty repositoryJung Minsun0-0/+0