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2013-04-01[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.64] SR Releasesubmit/tizen_2.1/20130424.233139accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.0252172.1b_releasesanghyuk Ko2-1/+11
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - Add smack label for dbus service - Add 'oma-ds-agent.service' file - oma-ds-agent permit changed. (app -> root) Change-Id: I7ffe316e8cecf3d2d00b826f0ae4d08e6b4f063e
2013-04-01[Internal: change] oma-ds-agent permit changed. (app -> root)sanghyuk Ko2-8/+8
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - oma-ds-agent authorize root. (app -> root) Change-Id: I09bc468bd299c56fee6dc2d0e21a52f706d215fa
2013-03-28[systemd] Add 'oma-ds-agent.service' fileSangjung Woo2-0/+19
The OMA DS maintainer, Sanghyuk Ko, wants 'oma-ds-agent' daemon to be launched at boot time. So 'oma-ds-agent.service' file is added for this request. Change-Id: I90fd8d5194bf96b082e93611165e83d2e296fb2f Signed-off-by: Sangjung Woo <>
2013-03-27[Internal: smack label] Add smack labelsanghyuk Ko1-0/+6
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - Add smack label for dbus service - Add smack label from private Change-Id: I32f43be906ef321f4754f203a8f0718553f5a1a4
2013-03-20[SR:oma-ds-agent_0.1.63] SR Releasesanghyuk Ko2-1/+9
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - wWhen profile gets, input param changed Change-Id: Iccf7edb68b73847443b82907a976c4706819a490
2013-03-20[Internal: API change] When profile gets, input param changed.sanghyuk Ko6-97/+101
[Problem] - [Cause] - [Solution] - When profile gets, input param changed. Change-Id: Ia6bd333d985c7a400b630cc7d069ad4d5ff56d44
2013-03-16merge with masterJinkun Jang26-340/+1554
2013-03-13Tizen 2.1 baseJinkun Jang94-0/+37897
2012-08-21Initial empty repositoryJung Minsun0-0/+0