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+# OP-TEE - version 2.4.0
+[Link][github_commits_2_4_0] to a list of all commits between this release and
+the previous one (2.3.0).
+Please note: this release is API-compatible with the previous one, but the
+Secure Storage internal format for the REE and SQL FS is not compatible due to
+commits [a238b74][commit_a238b74] ("core: REE FS: use the new hash tree
+interface") and [44e900e][commit_44e900e] ("core: SQL FS: use the new hash tree
+## New features
+* Add porting guidelines
+* Add support for Secure Data Path which allows Client and Trusted Applications
+ to share references to secure memory
+* New supported platform: Texas Instruments AM57xx (`PLATFORM=ti-am57xx`)
+* ARMv7-A: add support for platform services in secure monitor and add these
+ services for the DRA7xx platform
+* SPI framework and PL022 driver cleanup and improvements
+* Use CNTPCT (when available) to add entropy to the software PRNG
+* Add GlobalPlatform Socket API for UDP and TCP (IPv4 and IPv6)
+* DRA7: add TRNG driver, enable GICv2 driver
+* Support load address larger than 4G
+* libutee: preserve error code when calling TEE_Panic() for easier
+ troubleshooting
+* Support TA profiling with gprof (-pg compiler switch)
+* Optimize the ELF loader for TAs when pager is enabled
+* Update documentation
+* Add paged secure shared memory that can be transferred between TAs as
+ needed
+* Introduce MOBJ abstraction
+* i.MX6: add PSCI "on" function
+* arm32: introduce PSCI framework
+## Bug fixes
+* Secure storage: improve integrity checking of the REE and SQL filesystems by
+ adding a hash tree on the internal data structures. Any external modification
+ is detected, except full rollback. Fixes [#1188][issue1188].
+* The linux driver will set the 'privileged' flag (TEE_GEN_CAP_PRIVILEGED) on
+ the device intended for use by tee-supplicant. Fixes [#1199][issue1199].
+* RPMB: don't try to program the RPMB key by default
+* Fix "make clean" error cases
+* Fix issue when resetting persistent storage enumerator [#1332][issue1332]
+* Fix TA panic when doing AES CTS with specific buffer sizes
+ [#1203][issue1203].
+## Known issues
+* On RPi3 xtest sometimes stall (rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU) [#1353][issue1353]
+* For multi-core PSCI support is to be added for ls1021atwr in OP-TEE.
+* USB keyboard cannot be used to stop the u-boot timeout ([build issue131]).
+* Travis service (build.git) seems unstable from time to time.
+## Tested on
+In the list below, _standard_ means that the `xtest` program passed with
+its default configuration, while _extended_ means it was run successfully
+with the additional GlobalPlatform™ TEE Initial Configuration Test Suite
+If a platform is not listed, it means the release was not tested on this
+<!-- ${PLATFORM}-${PLATFORM_FLAVOR}, ordered alphabetically -->
+* d02: extended
+* hikey: extended
+* imx-mx6ulevk: standard
+* ls-ls1021atwr: standard (single core)
+* mediatek-mt8173: standard
+* rcar-h3: standard
+* rpi3: standard
+* stm-b2260: extended
+* ti-dra7xx: standard
+* vexpress-fvp: standard
+* vexpress-juno: standard
+* vexpress-qemu_armv8a: standard
+* vexpress-qemu_virt: standard
+* zynqmp-zc1751_dc1: standard
+* zynqmp-zc1751_dc2: standard
+* zynqmp-zcu102: standard
+[build issue131]:
# OP-TEE - version 2.3.0
[Link][github_commits_2_3_0] to a list of all commits between this release and