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2016-12-08Refine directory traversing: registering callbackKyungwook Tak1-108/+110
There's two part of directory traversing(removing all files in directory and loading preloaded app deks). So duplicated code can be compressed to traverse_directory with entry callback registered. Change-Id: I654bed7f3b4efff75b2853fceb3f9d97b51a85b5 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-12-08Remove reload option to wae initializer serviceKyungwook Tak4-106/+134
Reload option is not needed anymore. To be secure, remove all KEKs from dek store (also adek) after loading preloaded adeks once. Loaded adeks are stored in key-manager so they're useless. Related test cases are added. (load preloaded app deks) (TODO) To use key-manager initial value feature is highly considered to store KEK private key more securely. Change-Id: I2f6c645398277968cd7d480236d1802a07fa33df Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-12-08Fix for wae_initializerBartlomiej Kunikowski1-2/+2
There is a bug in if statement, it don't allow to properly work of this initializer if there are no --reload flag. Other way to do it is simply use wae_initializer always as it is with --reload flag. Change-Id: I9622373c914f8c0f1f22d3f810417251cced81ba Signed-off-by: Bartlomiej Kunikowski <> (cherry picked from commit 1fcac8945420537f89d24a0e8e52ec99cc432674)
2016-11-28Fix svace defectsKyungwook Tak1-77/+70
1) Missing returned value checking. 2) variable misused (start -> end). 3) Dead code exist in preloaded app dek loading while loop. Make subroutine to simplify loop codes/resource managed. Change-Id: Ic775e336e6480dfb56539e382edf292f2101ec8b Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-08-10[HOTFIX] Fix build break on 64bit archsubmit/tizen_3.0_wearable/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_tv/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_mobile/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_ivi/20161010.000004submit/tizen_3.0_common/20161104.104000submit/tizen/20160812.053402submit/tizen/20160811.062803accepted/tizen/wearable/20160815.233236accepted/tizen/tv/20160815.233213accepted/tizen/mobile/20160815.233150accepted/tizen/ivi/20160815.233255accepted/tizen/common/20160812.140751accepted/tizen/3.0/wearable/20161015.083618accepted/tizen/3.0/tv/20161016.005422accepted/tizen/3.0/mobile/20161015.033720accepted/tizen/3.0/ivi/20161011.050558accepted/tizen/3.0/common/20161114.110011sangwan.kwon1-1/+3
[Problem] * EVP_Digest parameter type is unsigned int * size_t is differ between 32bit and 64bit [Solution] * Use unsigned int instead of size_t Change-Id: Ib398532c7148bcd9d736c7282e0b74c8042a2ede Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-08-02[API changed] Add uid parametersubmit/tizen/20160811.013634Kyungwook Tak6-112/+204
Installer will be run as system (from user) so we cannot retrieve user id from client credential(by key-manager). Change-Id: I1e091bfc0b88fce418cd209a7a1adab021b6c0d2 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-26Add data structuresKyungwook Tak12-697/+1279
For migrated web app, we need to more fields in cache e.g., IV and is_migrated flag to handle it separately. Because cipher algorithm, iv and key size could be different between old secure storage, it depends on product implementation. So this architecture needs more flexibility. A lot of code changed because of the principle data structure is added from the bottom. Change-Id: Id6a10b9f707f4da25016dd928ab4049be619a610 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-19Fix memory leak on decrypt migrated wgtKyungwook Tak1-4/+1
Change-Id: I300a887e7e633af858e102797c500d1266566355 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-19Logging openssl log on crypto error casesKyungwook Tak1-29/+44
Change-Id: I60d574d8813637077fa1e278a3d72dbfed07333c Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-19Support platform upgrade caseKyungwook Tak4-5/+251
secure-storage is removed since Tizen platform version 3.0. downloaded web apps encryption works based on different key from lower than 3.0. secure-storage used DUK(device unique key with seed(pkgid)) as DEK. If downloaded app cannot find DEK when decrypt, it's considered as encrypted lower than 3.0 case. So webappenc creates DEK and uses algorithm which had been used lower than 3.0 in secure-storage. For now it's hard to save newly created old key in key-manager because migrated web app is considered as global app and the case would be found in decryption time (by web app launcher) who don't have permission to save in system db of key-manager with "/System" label. Permission policy of system db of key-manager should be changed OR migrated app should not be global app (it should be downloaded normal app) to save created key in key-manager. Change-Id: I9b8516184cce9f43b328e290c15127151e5c861e Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-18Fix C code naming rules & minor fixesKyungwook Tak6-507/+395
- Remove some goto label which isn't needed - Change 'num' param of strncmp / strncpy with meaningful value (static buffer's size) - Add const to unsigned char array input param - Change param names (c string array and raw buffer array) const char *pPkgId -> pkgId unsigned char *pDek -> dek unsigned char **ppDek -> pDek - Change all camel naminges to underbar - Remove null checking before call free() free() does nothing if ptr is null pointer. (refer: - Add missing closedir() after opendir() Change-Id: I7e5888ed3dc77e5355cfc441f10dc0d6d916921c Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-15Apply boost test frameworkKyungwook Tak1-29/+27
run with sdb root on : wae_tests --run_test=SYSTEM run with sdb root off : wae_tests --run_test=USER Change-Id: I0792e1e649f5e36c6f8715047f5ba5fd9ec48ecf Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-15Add test manifest for exec labelingKyungwook Tak1-5/+4
Change-Id: Ib54e8558417b8f32782c7ada3d6bdda8999a5b0f Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-15Apply coding style of tizen by astyleKyungwook Tak7-1152/+1212
Change-Id: I495bcdeae8705c2bb8b605762e31458919736926 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-15Use stdbool instead of macro for booleanKyungwook Tak6-54/+44
Change-Id: I6d95a582cd8d2ec52adb314a167bd42dd386ac0b Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-06-27Revert "change installer smack label from User to System"submit/tizen/20160627.012303accepted/tizen/wearable/20160627.090736accepted/tizen/tv/20160627.090722accepted/tizen/mobile/20160627.090706accepted/tizen/ivi/20160627.090755accepted/tizen/common/20160627.191844Dongsun Lee2-9/+16
This reverts commit d1da2aa31e64a93d1e1f5b3c7586c6a4186df4f3. The smack labels of xxx-backend was changed into User label again. Change-Id: Ic50ef8739d9e39914d518d1e063eec9a62a7831d
2016-06-21change installer smack label from User to Systemsubmit/tizen/20160621.040925accepted/tizen/wearable/20160622.021524accepted/tizen/tv/20160622.021510accepted/tizen/mobile/20160622.021453accepted/tizen/ivi/20160622.021544accepted/tizen/common/20160621.184344Dongsun Lee2-16/+9
Change-Id: I1522806cb2b7511455821134f8ae42a53a575e6e Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2016-03-11Fix SVACE defectssubmit/tizen/20160321.065608accepted/tizen/wearable/20160321.114428accepted/tizen/tv/20160321.114409accepted/tizen/mobile/20160321.114347accepted/tizen/ivi/20160321.114455accepted/tizen/common/20160321.150912Kyungwook Tak1-0/+6
Remove unused values in test code Handle negative return value from ftell Change-Id: I331e1335ad900ef9e5ec4523a832ec2c38dfb7f8 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-03-02Use snprintf instead of sprintf to be safesubmit/tizen/20160303.045232accepted/tizen/wearable/20160305.090436accepted/tizen/tv/20160305.090421accepted/tizen/mobile/20160305.090405accepted/tizen/ivi/20160305.090455accepted/tizen/common/20160303.110357Kyungwook Tak2-6/+19
Change-Id: I664d9f039b09b576c4ebe84c29d8a7c459bc1384 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2015-09-22change ckmc_owner_id_system to ckmc_owner_id_systemtizen_3.0.m2.a1_tv_releasetizen_3.0.m2.a1_mobile_releasesubmit/tizen_common/20151019.135620submit/tizen_common/20151015.190624submit/tizen/20150922.074747accepted/tizen/wearable/20150922.232623accepted/tizen/tv/20150922.232608accepted/tizen/mobile/20150922.232559Dongsun Lee1-7/+7
Change-Id: I80623a8502d4a443718e5ecf449818fc75e731c1 Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2015-09-21Change alias because wrt-installer backend runs with owner uidsubmit/tizen/20150921.104519accepted/tizen/wearable/20150922.001155accepted/tizen/tv/20150922.001137accepted/tizen/mobile/20150922.001121Dongsun Lee2-31/+42
Change-Id: Icee00ba20a651600bb64ed045910fddba9bf915b Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2015-08-13change API signatures to support GLOBAL app and NORMAL app at the same timetizen_3.0.m1_tv_releasetizen_3.0.m1_mobile_releasesubmit/tizen_common/20151026.085049submit/tizen_common/20151023.083358submit/tizen/20150820.084129submit/tizen/20150820.083859accepted/tizen/wearable/20150820.115949accepted/tizen/tv/20150820.115853accepted/tizen/mobile/20150820.115727tizen_3.0.m1_tvtizen_3.0.m1_mobileDongsun Lee3-40/+52
Change-Id: Ic9a60b295bff13bb59c1c6990dfbad569e92c267 Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2015-07-24initial versionDongsun Lee8-0/+1624
Change-Id: Ibb7891bee67bdd82f34187f5da2fc3c4bbfa8fcd Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>