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2016-12-08Remove reload option to wae initializer serviceKyungwook Tak1-61/+0
Reload option is not needed anymore. To be secure, remove all KEKs from dek store (also adek) after loading preloaded adeks once. Loaded adeks are stored in key-manager so they're useless. Related test cases are added. (load preloaded app deks) (TODO) To use key-manager initial value feature is highly considered to store KEK private key more securely. Change-Id: I2f6c645398277968cd7d480236d1802a07fa33df Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-08-02[API changed] Add uid parametersubmit/tizen/20160811.013634Kyungwook Tak1-31/+19
Installer will be run as system (from user) so we cannot retrieve user id from client credential(by key-manager). Change-Id: I1e091bfc0b88fce418cd209a7a1adab021b6c0d2 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-26Add data structuresKyungwook Tak1-0/+393
For migrated web app, we need to more fields in cache e.g., IV and is_migrated flag to handle it separately. Because cipher algorithm, iv and key size could be different between old secure storage, it depends on product implementation. So this architecture needs more flexibility. A lot of code changed because of the principle data structure is added from the bottom. Change-Id: Id6a10b9f707f4da25016dd928ab4049be619a610 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>