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2019-01-03Adjust format strings to new dlogsubmit/tizen_5.0/20190122.114721submit/tizen/20190103.090249accepted/tizen/unified/20190104.061340accepted/tizen/5.0/unified/20190130.053738tizen_5.0accepted/tizen_5.0_unifiedrefs/changes/62/196662/1Tomasz Swierczek1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ie0843905a6a23f9225072bff7583f77350349537
2016-08-11[HOTFIX] Fix build break on 64bit archsubmit/tizen_3.0_wearable/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_tv/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_mobile/20161015.000004submit/tizen_3.0_ivi/20161010.000004submit/tizen_3.0_common/20161104.104000submit/tizen/20160812.053402submit/tizen/20160811.062803accepted/tizen/wearable/20160815.233236accepted/tizen/tv/20160815.233213accepted/tizen/mobile/20160815.233150accepted/tizen/ivi/20160815.233255accepted/tizen/common/20160812.140751accepted/tizen/3.0/wearable/20161015.083618accepted/tizen/3.0/tv/20161016.005422accepted/tizen/3.0/mobile/20161015.033720accepted/tizen/3.0/ivi/20161011.050558accepted/tizen/3.0/common/20161114.110011refs/changes/72/83472/2sangwan.kwon1-1/+3
[Problem] * EVP_Digest parameter type is unsigned int * size_t is differ between 32bit and 64bit [Solution] * Use unsigned int instead of size_t Change-Id: Ib398532c7148bcd9d736c7282e0b74c8042a2ede Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-07-26Add data structuresrefs/changes/79/80979/4Kyungwook Tak1-62/+79
For migrated web app, we need to more fields in cache e.g., IV and is_migrated flag to handle it separately. Because cipher algorithm, iv and key size could be different between old secure storage, it depends on product implementation. So this architecture needs more flexibility. A lot of code changed because of the principle data structure is added from the bottom. Change-Id: Id6a10b9f707f4da25016dd928ab4049be619a610 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-19Logging openssl log on crypto error casesrefs/changes/24/80624/2Kyungwook Tak1-29/+44
Change-Id: I60d574d8813637077fa1e278a3d72dbfed07333c Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-19Support platform upgrade caserefs/changes/34/79634/5Kyungwook Tak1-0/+185
secure-storage is removed since Tizen platform version 3.0. downloaded web apps encryption works based on different key from lower than 3.0. secure-storage used DUK(device unique key with seed(pkgid)) as DEK. If downloaded app cannot find DEK when decrypt, it's considered as encrypted lower than 3.0 case. So webappenc creates DEK and uses algorithm which had been used lower than 3.0 in secure-storage. For now it's hard to save newly created old key in key-manager because migrated web app is considered as global app and the case would be found in decryption time (by web app launcher) who don't have permission to save in system db of key-manager with "/System" label. Permission policy of system db of key-manager should be changed OR migrated app should not be global app (it should be downloaded normal app) to save created key in key-manager. Change-Id: I9b8516184cce9f43b328e290c15127151e5c861e Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>