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2016-08-02[API changed] Add uid parametersubmit/tizen/20160811.013634Kyungwook Tak1-21/+88
Installer will be run as system (from user) so we cannot retrieve user id from client credential(by key-manager). Change-Id: I1e091bfc0b88fce418cd209a7a1adab021b6c0d2 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-18Fix C code naming rules & minor fixesKyungwook Tak1-17/+21
- Remove some goto label which isn't needed - Change 'num' param of strncmp / strncpy with meaningful value (static buffer's size) - Add const to unsigned char array input param - Change param names (c string array and raw buffer array) const char *pPkgId -> pkgId unsigned char *pDek -> dek unsigned char **ppDek -> pDek - Change all camel naminges to underbar - Remove null checking before call free() free() does nothing if ptr is null pointer. (refer: - Add missing closedir() after opendir() Change-Id: I7e5888ed3dc77e5355cfc441f10dc0d6d916921c Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2016-07-15Apply coding style of tizen by astyleKyungwook Tak1-26/+22
Change-Id: I495bcdeae8705c2bb8b605762e31458919736926 Signed-off-by: Kyungwook Tak <>
2015-08-13change API signatures to support GLOBAL app and NORMAL app at the same timetizen_3.0.m1_tv_releasetizen_3.0.m1_mobile_releasesubmit/tizen_common/20151026.085049submit/tizen_common/20151023.083358submit/tizen/20150820.084129submit/tizen/20150820.083859accepted/tizen/wearable/20150820.115949accepted/tizen/tv/20150820.115853accepted/tizen/mobile/20150820.115727tizen_3.0.m1_tvtizen_3.0.m1_mobileDongsun Lee1-5/+21
Change-Id: Ic9a60b295bff13bb59c1c6990dfbad569e92c267 Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2015-07-24initial versionDongsun Lee2-0/+124
Change-Id: Ibb7891bee67bdd82f34187f5da2fc3c4bbfa8fcd Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>