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* Encode blobs with Base64 in ckm tools * Refactor PKEK2 related functions * Add a common function for zeroing sensitive data * Free the context in case of openssl failure * Add helpers for domain KEK encryption/decryption * Add helper randomization function in key-provider.cpp * Make encrypt/decrypt local functions of key-provider.cpp * Use common function for PKEK1&2 generation * Make username shorter in KeyProvider tests * Remove outdated tz_backend test * Validate encrypted DKEK * Fix SVACE and C++ issues * Add gbs option to enable the TZ backend support * Update log formatter in tests * Fix internal migration tests * Fix internal scheme tests * Remove secret key for software backend * Some TZ backend fixes. * Remove unnecessary BSD license * Add allowed values for -b option of initial values tool * Add RO location for initial values * Overwrite existing initial values * Initial values tool * Support for encrypted initial-values * Reduce number of import methods in tz-backend * Unification of import methods in gstore * Add parser support of new schema version * Add backend attribute in xml schema * Introduce Key class in tz backend * Add support for TrustZone backend data storage * Simplify key related functions in tz-backend * Fix buildbreak caused by improper rebase * Add log for invalid system service owner id * Unify alias naming * Fix TYPO in key-manager_doc.h * Make spec compliant with gbs --incremental * Add protection against memory leaking during deserialization * Add Apache 2.0 license headers Change-Id: I05a9b6bdf376f6bdc58542fb023528ac122f619f
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Name: key-manager
Summary: Central Key Manager and utilities
-Version: 0.1.26
+Version: 0.1.27
Release: 1
Group: Security/Secure Storage
License: Apache-2.0 and BSD-3-Clause