AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
20 hours[runtime/test] Remove unused part in test driver (#9395)coverity오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자4-83/+0
23 hours[exo] Using ofstream with binary mode (#9393)윤현식/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자2-2/+2
25 hoursAdd NNAS SDK 2019/12/15 preset (#9376)박종현/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자2-0/+110
25 hours[gen_golden] Fix passing wrong parameter for random_sample. (#9387)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-1/+1
25 hours[runtime/test] Remove unused benchmark script (#9382)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자4-339/+2
31 hours[min_onnx] Update ONNX schema (#9392)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics1-1/+1
36 hours[neurun] Remove `IObject` and derived classes (#9388)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics14-175/+0
40 hours[neurun] Remove no longer used template parameter (#9384)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics8-127/+110
41 hours[CI/script] Remove scripts for pacl (#9380)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자3-109/+0
41 hours[runtime/test] Remove unused python scripts (#9379)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자4-813/+0
41 hours[tflite_run] Turn options memory polling and writing report off as default (#...김용섭/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자3-32/+70
41 hours[libbenchmark] Introduce Result class (#9364)김용섭/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자5-2/+134
41 hoursPrevent to deallocate constant tensor of acl (#9370)장지섭/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자11-18/+88
41 hours[neurun] Rename `graph` to `ir` (#9362)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics63-65/+65
42 hours[nnpkg_run] support qint8 in h5 load and save (#9373)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-16/+33
42 hours[gen_golden] Use u1 dtype for loading/dumping uint8 type (#9374)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-4/+7
43 hours[neurun] Remove wrapTensor methods (#9358)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics17-105/+3
43 hours[nnpkg_run] rename namespace NNPackageRun to nnpkg_run (#9369)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자8-12/+12
44 hours[runtime/api] Fix doxygen format (#9368)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자2-32/+42
44 hoursAdd preset support to create-package (#9366)박종현/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자2-40/+72
45 hours[infra/cmd] Introduce nnas docker command (#9348)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자2-0/+59
46 hours[compiler] Remove newline character in CMakeLists.txt (#9367)남궁석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자1-2/+2
46 hours[nnpkg_run] Bring out h5 load/dump, allocation to separate files (#9342)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자7-132/+290
47 hours[tf2circle-value-pbtxt-remote-test] Introduce README of circle value verifica...남궁석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자1-0/+138
2 daysFirst commit for release documents of compiler (#9354)남궁석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자2-0/+108
2 daysRemove default check from verify-package (#9350)박종현/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-4/+10
2 daysAdd ONNX-1.6.0 sources (#9363)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics2-0/+30
2 days[mir-onnx-importer] Import comparison operations from ONNX format (#9339)Gusev Dmitry/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics8-0/+223
3 days[CI/scripts] Enable tizen tflite loader test tool build (#9344)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-1/+0
3 days[infra/cmake] Clean external dir and overlay (#9356)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자6-15/+13
3 days[neurun] Fix uninitialized member in ctor (#9355)이한종/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자1-1/+1
3 daysIntroduce LAYOUT_191215 check (#9326)박종현/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-0/+39
3 days[CI/script] Fix error by old bash version (#9343)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자3-6/+6
3 days[neurun] Merge Model into Graph (#9328)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics16-128/+65
3 daysMake acl_neon to support InstanceNorm op (#9333)장지섭/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자9-0/+623
3 days[CI/script] Fix mixed backend test list bug (#9345)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-3/+4
3 days[neurun] Replace IObject with ITensor in ConstantInitializer (#9336)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics4-14/+14
3 days[neurun] Replace IObject with ITensor in OperandContext (#9335)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics4-19/+19
3 days[runtime/api] Update input/output info cuntion comment (#9299)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-24/+37
3 days[runtime/api] Update load and run comment (#9298)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-9/+15
3 days[CI/script] Use linux test script on tizen (#9329)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자4-68/+13
3 days[neurun] Replace IObject with ITensor in ACL CL backend (#9338)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics3-19/+16
3 days[neurun] Replace IObject with ITensor in CPU backend (#9337)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics3-13/+13
3 days[CI/script] Revise test scripts (#9327)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자3-22/+7
4 days[neurun] Add `access` method to tensors (#9334)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics11-0/+94
4 days[mir] Add comparison operations (#9308)Gusev Dmitry/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics5-0/+138
4 daysIntroduce ConstantInsertionPass into neurun (#9312)장지섭/On-Device Lab(SR)/Engineer/삼성전자4-18/+191
4 days[cmake] Use more cores in building nncc-package (#9324)이상규/On-Device Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-2/+2
4 days[runtime/api] Update I/O buffer set function comment (#9322)오형석/On-Device Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-18/+22
4 days[neurun] Replace Execution::model with Execution::graph (#9289)Sergei Barannikov/AI Tools Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics3-23/+23