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2015-12-09Apply tizen coding rulesJiwoong Im1-21/+21
Change-Id: I2169875f3d6252c2b992194fd2ed1ad20079a601 Signed-off-by: Jiwoong Im <>
2014-02-25Merge branches 'HEAD' and 'tizen_2.2' into tizenSemun Lee1-84/+71
Conflicts: CMakeLists.txt client/CMakeLists.txt client/ug-client.c include/ui-gadget.h packaging/ui-gadget-1.spec src/manager.c ui-gadget-1.manifest
2014-01-08init wayland supportsubmit/tizen/20140110.215645accepted/tizen/mobile/20140113.182040accepted/tizen/ivi/20140110.224049accepted/tizen/generic/20140114.145758accepted/tizen/mobileLi,Limin1-8/+11
The display server based on X or Wayland, is now a choice of different profile in Tizen 3.0. Basically and consistently, two macros were used "with wayland" and "with x". Below summarize the combination of the macros: | wayland | x | meaning |--------------------------- | 0 | 1 | pure X11 platform(no wayland) | 1 | 0 | pure wayland platform (no X11) | 1 | 1 | wayland but X compatibility | 0 | 0 | no X and no wayland This method unifies the meaning and usage. Deploy this method to ui-gadget package. Signed-off-by: Li,Limin <> Change-Id: Iceb95b03f824860b2aac74f35c0945380f6cc22a
2013-08-19merge latest code / fix prevent issuesHyungdeuk Kim1-5/+9
Change-Id: I644d827593a43cc5308150bbd7546557a1ea27bb
2013-08-01merge latest codeHyungdeuk Kim1-3/+9
2013-06-25merge latest codeHyungdeuk Kim1-77/+54
2013-04-19apply uifw requeste related new back key conceptsubmit/tizen_2.1/20130424.230933accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.0354252.1b_releaseHyungdeuk Kim1-0/+1
2013-04-12remve window profile changed cb for desktop modeHyungdeuk Kim1-1/+2
2013-04-09apply latest changesHyungdeuk Kim1-18/+58
2013-04-02Fix for 64 bit compatibility.Junfeng Dong1-1/+1
- Fix hardcoding path. - Use %cmake to set default paths. Change-Id: I84ab00b8e4e789b0abd80b897c9fbc6d5fdd2a04
2013-03-20add code to remove ui cb under ug_destroy_all caseHyungdeuk Kim1-3/+25
2013-03-16merge with masterJinkun Jang1-147/+150
2013-03-13Tizen 2.1 baseJinkun Jang4-0/+554