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illuminanceAdditional parentheses have been added.Jin Yoon2 years
iot-cameraInitial VersionJay Jeong3 years
iot-visionInitial Version of iot-vision branchJay Jeong3 years
masterAdds the description for APIs : resource_write_ledEunyoung Lee2 years
smart-blindAdd unnecessary files and directories into .gitignoreJin Yoon2 years
smart-blind-finalQUIZJin Yoon3 years
smart-motion-lightFinalize code for Open-source releaseboyeon-son3 years
template_0822-5Add ecore.hjunkyu han3 years
tizen-iotChange src/controller.c for hackathonEunyoung Lee2 years
tizen_4.0Merge "Update Resource : Ultrasonic, JSN-SR04T"Jin Yoon2 years
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2019-12-14Adds the description for APIs : resource_write_ledHEADmasterEunyoung Lee1-0/+6
2019-10-21Default Version : Tizen IoT 5.0Jin Yoon2-2/+2
2019-10-07Merge "Update Resource : Ultrasonic, JSN-SR04T"tizen_4.0Jin Yoon2-38/+56
2019-09-27Resolve a warning in a headerJin Yoon1-3/+3
2019-09-27Update Resource : Ultrasonic, JSN-SR04TEunyoung Lee2-38/+56
2019-09-19Resource : RelayHan Minsu5-0/+110
2019-09-17Resource : JSN-SR04T(Distance/GPIO)Han Minsu5-0/+246
2019-09-11Resource : MCU90614(Temperature/UART)Han Minsu5-0/+154
2019-07-30remove an unnecessary fileJin Yoon1-0/+0
2018-08-13Change log TAG & folder namejunkyu han4-1/+1