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2013-05-01Various patches are appliedSung-jae Park1-1/+1
Patch 9/9 Fix the bug of ignoring updated content info. Even if the box tries to update its content info, in case of script type box, the provider ignores it. This patch will fix it. Patch 8/9 Use the break after handling the service request (badge/noti) Patch 7/9 Using EINA_LIST_FREE instead of EINA_LIST_FOREACH_SAFE. To release the svc_ctx->packet_list. Patch 6/9 Keep the desc block even if the buffer of lb is not ready. Keep the desc blocks even if the buffer of livebox is not created. The provider will send the created event to the slave. Then the slave will start to generate the desc file. (script data) But the provider cannot apply desc to its buffer. Because there is no created object. To resolve this issue, This patch will create a cache. It will be used for keeping the blocks which are parsed before creating a buffer of livebox (or PD). Patch 5/9 Update License Patch 4/9 Enable Badge/Notification service. Patch 3/9 Don't set the "default" to content as default value. Client can use "" for its content value. So the provider has not to touch the "content". Patch 2/9 Update period compensation timer. Patch 1/9 Fix the storage size calculation bug. Change-Id: Ia6f0d5e0fe06ed9a348082d324b09cc7732041e7
2013-04-19Implement the service thread & Update licenseSung-jae Park1-1/+1
Implement the badge & shortcut & notification service threads. Change-Id: Idb9393bfd39861da6cd6679e6b370ad6e18d0b55
2013-04-18Update LicenseSung-jae Park1-1/+1
Change-Id: I63230dfbe67c161f3589acb628a59018b429c8c7
2013-03-25Update LicenseSung-jae Park1-1/+1
2012 -> 2013 Fix the bug of resized box event. After the provider get the resized event from the box, need to check the current size of a box. If is same with requested size, send it to the client that the request is already finished. Apply the livebox errno (status code) instead of system errno. Make easy to understand what happens in the API. Use the util_uri_to_path to unlink image files of liveboxes(image type) Change-Id: Ide9281da21700f4e1d9c0eb480daeff891258ccd
2013-03-16sync with masterJinkun Jang1-0/+112