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2013-10-25Update timer of service-commonsubmit/tizen_2.2/20131107.0558362.2.1_releasetizen_2.2Sung-jae Park5-12/+77
Terminate the utility process when its ttl timer is expired. Change-Id: I22f249985a4640796a602e6723bb0a478a71412e
2013-10-21Mark the end of file bufferSung-jae Park2-2/+7
Change-Id: Ia097463edc4c9d530dfa158d42bd0f0ea73d85f1
2013-10-19Sync with the 3.0Sung-jae Park10-61/+80
Open DB with READONLY option. Change-Id: I7081cecc8216dbf6543a0835233b496e06c467c4
2013-10-14Optimize the script parserSung-jae Park3-497/+525
Change-Id: Id445ebb3db22471cc2228c355c6dc2247424b76c
2013-10-11Simulate faulted packageSung-jae Park5-111/+334
Change-Id: Icbf8b308e4cf66ec5381b97388ccc0dc6c223385
2013-10-10Update accessibility operation.Sung-jae Park3-3/+42
Change-Id: I59437b763192ca11ce8d046e532610df633627d6
2013-10-01Increase the refcnt for lazy processingSung-jae Park1-2/+5
Change-Id: I67df0f364e3cf38614bc2e8647683f2e920a9f08
2013-10-01Do not use the clock_gettime for compensating periodSung-jae Park1-7/+1
Change-Id: Iee7ebb3d91015ee4eca1711303bc731818b462c4
2013-09-26Replace gettimeofday with ecore_time_getSung-jae Park7-5/+85
Change-Id: I42075e0f216e525c5f7def389246ef0bead558d9
2013-09-23Update slave_activate_all/deactivate_all function.Sung-jae Park2-0/+55
counting call. signal & low mem callback uses these API. Change-Id: I565eda19feb94308011abf3f87b366a8cc3e685f
2013-09-18g_type_init is deprecated.Sung-jae Park2-0/+5
Check the glib version before call it. Change-Id: Id7ce4e1d59b611844920d72c7901361361a4572e
2013-09-18Update script engine init ABISung-jae Park3-3/+6
Give the current scale factor to the script engine Change-Id: I51fbc2c4db3a18e68c45e6beb9c2a17e8487f39a
2013-09-16Remove default content string.Sung-jae Park1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iccb4b8eeee5aa72e387b51e1b56f35be99b447bd
2013-09-16Fix the default content info bug.Sung-jae Park2-4/+4
If there is no definition of content info, it should be "". Change-Id: I25fd26e61a881190b1a2cdcbe003f76a146ea20f
2013-09-14Update sequence of conf loading.Sung-jae Park6-235/+443
Load the script engine plugin when it is required. Change-Id: I537b1dd927c07a95eeea28ff35231f7a46fb37f2
2013-09-10Fix prevent issue.Sung-jae Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: I07747c6c1e0a984e597a6dbbea9e71eeab1e4647
2013-09-04Send INSTANCE_DESTROY_PKGMGR only if it should be recreatedSung-jae Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic7cca5fe3fc463c76c629ce56cb18eda1af2e534
2013-09-04Update image/desc filename management code.Sung-jae Park8-81/+25
Change-Id: I1387900fcd2819e86732075966f31895b00fa31c
2013-09-03Update package management code.Sung-jae Park11-169/+233
1. Deliever the reason why the instance is deleted when send a delete event to service provider. 2. Fix the bug of package manager event handler 3. Input event thread is updated. Check the slot number. 4. Remove some field of instance ADT which is duplicated with package ADT. Change-Id: Ica570847d82e7d3eb4c8514938967b554e9ec99b
2013-08-29Send delete type to service provider.Sung-jae Park6-29/+39
Change-Id: I97a84b69c0e04c9f6d75d48b2886d903a6194944
2013-08-23Fix the prevent issue.Sung-jae Park18-192/+176
Change-Id: I5d265288989fc1c282a3aa44ca8ff442fda07e71
2013-08-16Fix i586 build errorSung-jae Park9-109/+346
Change-Id: I010ec831337c2673aee84c6f09406b85015c75f9
2013-08-14Supress the build warningsSung-jae Park6-20/+20
Change-Id: I5bb789ea2721b1dc34fdcb18a06d9a150b3540ab
2013-08-14Do not overwrite the CFLAGSSung-jae Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: I9ad69995657d1d0cc3040bee28dcc1110717166b
2013-08-13pkgmgr plugin, coding convention, AUL exceptionSung-jae Park35-1021/+2104
Package manager plugin handles updating packages correctly. Coding convention is updated. AUL launch exception is updated Change-Id: I6be04e432ec9fbc698df377ef8b198855ecb76e1
2013-08-06Fix the prevent issues.submit/tizen_2.2/20130814.101311submit/tizen_2.2/20130814.0852572.2_releaseSung-jae Park3-6/+10
Change-Id: I34b194ff1b551dfcc13f588253198e885f3e258d
2013-08-05Remote client service is implemented.Sung-jae Park20-129/+1287
But not yet published. Slave Life cycle management code is updated. (Return value handling codes are updated) Change-Id: I8670b9502c11dce404b5a42db6e00fc31dbbdbe4
2013-07-24Before send a packet, check the status of socket.Sung-jae Park3-3/+14
If it is unavailable, waiting 2 secs. Change-Id: I545891a7622de82282416d063a5a0f4bd95247e6
2013-07-18Fix the variable name.Sung-jae Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: I58b619ed9dce36dbfe12c67f1076f1e6edd76a5d
2013-07-18Execute DDL for livebox DB if it is empty.Sung-jae Park1-2/+15
Change-Id: I802646f5a5c8323abfb3a56a79f4ce047ad9c561
2013-07-15Update Accessibility Event Path.submit/tizen_2.2/20130717.053027submit/tizen_2.2/20130717.010418submit/tizen_2.2/20130716.172953Sung-jae Park2-647/+145
Review the server code. Duplicated code set are extracted to a inline function. To enhance the code-readability. Change-Id: Ib2c67b9b48d01ecf037b5f84e24e7994c03cd195
2013-07-12Manage the fault of service providers(osp,web).submit/tizen_2.2/20130714.144445submit/tizen_2.2/20130714.135757Sung-jae Park2-40/+252
While processing the PD open/close operation, the service provider can be faulted. In that case the master should care the processed operation. So the master will add the slave deactivate event handler and if it is raised up, the master will clean all resources related with monitoring PD open/close operations. Change-Id: Ia5e9937d66af3192c4ff08ed26e923438627bfda
2013-07-05Package name of web-provider is changed.Sung-jae Park2-2/+2
Change-Id: I1cd03b611c76e136e7aee1c5ed436b5bea0e0293
2013-07-03Remove last trailing commaSung-jae Park19-27/+27
Change-Id: I6d761cae850308cfcc697dfc1698e7f5cb519a32
2013-07-03Update acquire/release pixmap operation & fix crash bugSung-jae Park5-7/+49
while terminating service threads, in case of the "ptr" is not initialized (at the first time), calling a "free" function can be crashed. Change-Id: If261e1ab4f35ac72d64ccb9dcba127e1cdc8e083
2013-07-01Fix the invalid list item handling code.Sung-jae Park1-1/+2
List doesn't remove the released item. So it can generate the crash while crawling the list. Change-Id: I27eb10482353d690dca5380a70937adaebf4e798
2013-07-01Validate the user level smack rule for shortcutSung-jae Park3-1/+25
Change-Id: I8f01b121415b0b1537df2dcd4b93de22292c7ae3
2013-07-01Handling the exceptions for PD request correctly.Sung-jae Park5-44/+73
When the master gets time out for PD request. It doesn't reset the PD,owner after delete it. So the client cannot request a open the PD again. Change-Id: Ice2742383fdc2713caa887292fed0fdb69d04e70
2013-06-30access control of badge/notification is enabledyoungsub ko2-2/+64
Change-Id: Icf0cde296fac0d1d89f6c39144334ee2ba986b98
2013-06-27Update Easy mode livebox size.Sung-jae Park1-3/+3
Change-Id: I7232641228407c02f257fb44621a72eb1c2ffc68
2013-06-27Update LogSung-jae Park4-15/+8
Change-Id: Idf8b8e615e654089fe392319b4693ddfb0d93891
2013-06-27Reset block after consuming it.Sung-jae Park1-0/+1
Change-Id: I129a1c9424615a2480ac69ac5049675c3a692042
2013-06-26Update Input event thread. and reduce the logs.Sung-jae Park17-322/+135
Change-Id: I8d45f484fb581b8f0dbea555b86deec02a056dd0
2013-06-25Update provider tagSung-jae Park3-8/+18
for newly added smack labels. Change-Id: I23f84ce0582db68b64188274f2be2d6999eedee7
2013-06-25User level smack check for rm_livebox, rm_shortcutSung-jae Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic02a1c42e96e6cb665632a9425a2369ef69c39ef
2013-06-24Add smack rule file.Sung-jae Park3-1/+6
Update version Change-Id: I2fd04f3396e6ff3ef2db6aa73ba0bd7b9fd7c6e7
2013-06-24User level smack control added for notificationSung-jae Park2-1/+48
Change-Id: I58b89984321e8a249fbd976eeb8eb613e29ad439
2013-06-21Update Easymode DBox size.Sung-jae Park2-4/+4
Change-Id: Ia7a900a5829a6b66e90dc642b80562ab8c3b7c45
2013-06-21User level smack permission check is applied.Sung-jae Park3-3/+49
User level smack permission check code is implemented. But in this patch, even if it fails to check the permission, service will be going on. After two weeks later, it will be rejected if it has no permission to get service. Change-Id: I6ea53665dd3f4ceb27edf90f56b7c368c8f6b31e
2013-06-20Fix various bugs.Sung-jae Park3-21/+28
If the service_trigger_update fails, return its status. [issue#] N/A [problem] User wants to know how many instances are affected by update trigger request. [cause] Docomo requires this. [solution] Check the created instances and return NOT_EXISTS if there are no instances. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Remove unnecessary storage space check code [issue#] P130607-6207 [problem] PD open/close is not related with storage space. [cause] Even if a user tries to open a PD, master checks disk space for openning it. [solution] PD open is not necessary to check the free disk space. So remove it. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Apply GCC 4.8 patch [issue#] N/A [problem] GCC 4.8 complier complains about unused variables. [cause] Unused variables are declared. [solution] Remove it. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Change-Id: Id861b50f65a00c3c9a25b1c01be7068e897f74e2