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2013-06-21Update Easymode DBox size.Sung-jae Park2-4/+4
Change-Id: Ia7a900a5829a6b66e90dc642b80562ab8c3b7c45
2013-06-21User level smack permission check is applied.Sung-jae Park3-3/+49
User level smack permission check code is implemented. But in this patch, even if it fails to check the permission, service will be going on. After two weeks later, it will be rejected if it has no permission to get service. Change-Id: I6ea53665dd3f4ceb27edf90f56b7c368c8f6b31e
2013-06-20Fix various bugs.Sung-jae Park3-21/+28
If the service_trigger_update fails, return its status. [issue#] N/A [problem] User wants to know how many instances are affected by update trigger request. [cause] Docomo requires this. [solution] Check the created instances and return NOT_EXISTS if there are no instances. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Remove unnecessary storage space check code [issue#] P130607-6207 [problem] PD open/close is not related with storage space. [cause] Even if a user tries to open a PD, master checks disk space for openning it. [solution] PD open is not necessary to check the free disk space. So remove it. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Apply GCC 4.8 patch [issue#] N/A [problem] GCC 4.8 complier complains about unused variables. [cause] Unused variables are declared. [solution] Remove it. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] -------------------------------------------- Change-Id: Id861b50f65a00c3c9a25b1c01be7068e897f74e2
2013-06-14Check the PD owner.Sung-jae Park4-2/+18
[model] Tizen [binary_type] AP [customer] Tizen Developer [issue#] N/A [problem] No one can open or close the PD if it is not owned by requestor. [cause] N/A [solution] N/A [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] Change-Id: If4bbe6917507392fed21d3bca8bb791b379c24ef
2013-06-13Add missing package dependencies for smack.Sung-jae Park1-0/+1
[model] Tizen [binary_type] AP [customer] Tizen Developer [issue#] N/A [problem] Insatllation failed [cause] Unresolvable smack label found. [solution] Add Requires to spec file. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] Change-Id: I7cbbf86f4660b1d77b2dc43aa384f2f48299e827
2013-06-13Merge branch 'tizen_2.1' into tizen_2.2Sung-jae Park33-204/+884
Change-Id: Ia524d02d549ca8c8807490e89e487346492bb651
2013-06-13Update SMACK, Fix a crash of terminating sequence, etc, ...Sung-jae Park33-204/+884
[model] Tizen [binary_type] AP [customer] Tizen Developer [issue#] N/A [problem] SMACK label is separated, Crash of terminating sequence [cause] Terminating sequence is not valid when the edje plugin is loaded. SMACK should be separated by each service module. [solution] Update SMACK label. Fix the crash of terminating sequence [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] Change-Id: I8aa7c4773a6548685e63bd3e822d83cbbb01db98
2013-05-29Fix a bug that the instance is not deleted correctlySung-jae Park6-86/+82
in specific cases, the master will not release the deleted instance'd resources. It could be a leak. After open a PD, the timer will be registered and the instance's refcnt will be increased. But even though the service provider makes response via acquire_buffer, the master doesn't decrease the instance's refcnt. It makes a problem. even if the instance is deleted, the livebox doesn't cleared. because the refcnt could not be reach to ZERO. This patch will fix it. And optimize the log. Verbose logging message are deleted and optimized. Change-Id: I1c85f428428ac16459c91dfe10dbfa43c972ed5b
2013-05-29Fix the bug of validate_request functionSung-jae Park3-26/+81
Some important requests are ignored Instance validation should be done only for the requests of slave(service) providers. Change-Id: I435c62066ae19bd54f10e61ab3aec4ff8859cd46
2013-05-29New patches are appliedSung-jae Park7-1251/+296
Patch 2/2 Update pd,show/pd,hide & lb,show/lb,hide event Patch 1/2 review code. extract duplicated code to a function Change-Id: If9fc018a145b2b779762a02e76b017271487ef1e
2013-05-28Add timer for monitoring opertaion of PD.Sung-jae Park7-123/+301
[model] Redwood [binary_type] AP [customer] Docomo/Orange/Open [issue#] N/A [problem] If the slave doesn't request the PD buffer, client waiting it forever. [cause] There is no management code for exceptional cases. [solution] Add the monitor, so the PD buffer is not created in N(5.0) secs, master destroy it automatically. [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] Change-Id: I2a83060b7218b2deb2dcc4d9040a47decfe06238
2013-05-28Logging system & notification service updated.Sung-jae Park2-16/+10
[model] Tizen [binary_type] AP [customer] Tizen Developers [issue#] N/A [problem] N/A [cause] N/A [solution] Update logging system & notification service routine [team] HomeTF [request] [horizontal_expansion] Change-Id: Ief2ed01ba038f3e28868064dd3544094a47fc231
2013-05-23Update Badge service routine & optimize logSung-jae Park10-433/+218
Change-Id: I39501a3bea8662df92c46b4460bc98f48d520cbe
2013-05-20Logging the critical message to a file.Sung-jae Park6-70/+117
The file will be unlinked every boot. So the log must has to be captured before reboot the device Change-Id: I1c2bc06b61cd7c429426b04bebbd499d267c1061
2013-05-16Exit when the provider gets SIGTERM.submit/tizen_2.1/20130516.154517accepted/tizen_2.1/20130520.093306tizen_2.1Sung-jae Park1-0/+2
Change-Id: I747f11744d51524dc4575929111b95c0a47f7ad0
2013-05-16Use the default environment file for systemdsubmit/tizen_2.1/20130516.133703accepted/tizen_2.1/20130520.093246Sung-jae Park4-13/+10
Change-Id: Id04977488c4a2599f95e16107e0d808f57901973
2013-05-15Various patches are applied.submit/tizen_2.1/20130516.041934accepted/tizen_2.1/20130520.093034Sung-jae Park18-25/+712
Patch 8/8 Update language change event handling code. Change the env value too. Region & Language is handles separately. So I separate them using VCONFKEY like app-core. Region & Lang. Patch 7/8 Care the language change notification. Patch 6/8 Handling the reply packet correctly. Patch 5/8 Define smack rule for vconf key. Patch 4/8 Don't terminate the provider even if it gets SIGTERM. Patch 3/8 Remove printf and update systemd service file. Patch 2/8 Update systemd service file. Patch 1/8 Implement the utility service. 1. Service routine updated. If a client is disconnected, service routine will be called with packet NULL. 2. Utility service is implemented. For generating the shortcut icon image, this utility service is prepared. Master just route the request & event for generating shortcut icon. Then the service daemon will be launched. and it will start generating icon image file. The image file is created in specified folder & name by client. So the client has to manage the created image file. 3. service_common_timer API is implemented. Using timerfd. Now the timer event can be handled in a separated thread. Change-Id: I9ce2546aea86c324ea9846d9dc673d6475b706c3
2013-05-03Fix SMACK error.submit/tizen_2.1/20130514.052204Sung-jae Park1-2/+0
Change-Id: Id94013d6491b5316f747130ade17eabe3a9e98f8
2013-05-03Fix the build errorSung-jae Park1-5/+0
Clear the invalid package dependencies. Change-Id: Iab47e6e656210f82ef73969b5566281bee88b8eb
2013-05-01Various patches are appliedSung-jae Park72-212/+1273
Patch 9/9 Fix the bug of ignoring updated content info. Even if the box tries to update its content info, in case of script type box, the provider ignores it. This patch will fix it. Patch 8/9 Use the break after handling the service request (badge/noti) Patch 7/9 Using EINA_LIST_FREE instead of EINA_LIST_FOREACH_SAFE. To release the svc_ctx->packet_list. Patch 6/9 Keep the desc block even if the buffer of lb is not ready. Keep the desc blocks even if the buffer of livebox is not created. The provider will send the created event to the slave. Then the slave will start to generate the desc file. (script data) But the provider cannot apply desc to its buffer. Because there is no created object. To resolve this issue, This patch will create a cache. It will be used for keeping the blocks which are parsed before creating a buffer of livebox (or PD). Patch 5/9 Update License Patch 4/9 Enable Badge/Notification service. Patch 3/9 Don't set the "default" to content as default value. Client can use "" for its content value. So the provider has not to touch the "content". Patch 2/9 Update period compensation timer. Patch 1/9 Fix the storage size calculation bug. Change-Id: Ia6f0d5e0fe06ed9a348082d324b09cc7732041e7
2013-04-23Fix the prevent issuessubmit/tizen_2.1/20130424.223847accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.0232332.1b_releaseSung-jae Park2-3/+13
Change-Id: I2b96cecd5f0e3746e2b6447d067774bc8b77d3b2
2013-04-22Implement the service threads.Sung-jae Park11-354/+429
Shortcut service thread is enabled. Service connection method is updated (using vconf to notify running state of the master.) Change-Id: I92af0e2e693c4516b407263bfb1fae9a8925f83e
2013-04-19Implement the service thread & Update licenseSung-jae Park69-66/+1096
Implement the badge & shortcut & notification service threads. Change-Id: Idb9393bfd39861da6cd6679e6b370ad6e18d0b55
2013-04-18Update LicenseSung-jae Park61-142/+265
Change-Id: I63230dfbe67c161f3589acb628a59018b429c8c7
2013-04-18Various patchset applied.Sung-jae Park8-37/+643
Clear the pixmap right after allocate it. If the slave is faulted, Every package in that slave should be faulted too. Then the user can re-activate it. Supporting the 4x5,4x6 liveboxes Update accessibility scroll event Add more log for fs free size calculation. Change-Id: I8b5ecfffca79e4f0cd17e11bda201e36a16ffe10
2013-04-12Add new accessibilty events & fixed prevent issuesSung-jae Park3-17/+336
Fix the issues which are reported from the prevent Update update_text handler Update version Accessiblity unhighlight event is added Update Version Change-Id: I9ca6bea8cfa6eecc4fbba36b9302535c2e500002
2013-04-10Merged with private repository.Sung-jae Park9-226/+1130
Update accessibility. Accessibility event is defined for script type livebox & pd. Update touch_effect & need_frame. These attributes should be described for each size type. Update parser for getting accessibility text TYPE="access" is added. "need_frame" attribute is added For handling the frame decoration of boxes. If a box set "true" for this need_frame attribute, The viewer will draw the border for it. Active/Passive update mode is added. Add update_mode. Active & Passive update mode. These two words are used for viewer. If a viewer wants to update the content of boxes without any updated events, it can use the active mode. or it can update by the updated event. passive mode is default. So every viewer will get updated event then they should to update the content of boxes. Change-Id: I928f5cdf1c99fa428a05e84f5605cdd60724a555
2013-03-31Sync to I865165b974aa32a35a58b7260cb1c046ed8f1413Sung-jae Park11-81/+583
Add new event path & Change pixmap 24 to 32. Fix the bug of size_changed event. It has to send the fbid to the client to update its buffer info from viewer side. Separating slaves(using net option), 0x0 size box 1. Separate the slave process using network option. If a box requires network connection to update their contents, Load it from specific slave which designed to use the network. Currently, we use only one package for loading boxes. So we just launch another slave process for separating boxes using network attributes. 2. 0x0 box size is added. 0x0 is supported for inhouse/commercialization version only. Its size is defined 720x1280 (depends on the screen size) Add new event path for holding scroller of viewer Viewer should holds the scroller when it gets this event. This hold scroll event is used for get request of boxes. Change-Id: I3a8b8c75e5a5229aef5f15394308d9bb3f1d770e
2013-03-28Care the case for failing open a PD.Sung-jae Park3-22/+55
If a provider fails to load script for PD, It should notice to slave provider. Currently, the slave will prevent other boxes update if the PD is opened of a box. So, if the master doesn't send the failed event to the slave, and only client notice it, the slave cannot get any failed or close PD event. then it will block all other boxes update. This patch will fix it. Now if the master fails to load the EDJE for PD, the slave will notice it via close,pd event. then the other box can be updated normally. Change-Id: I44f7bf6378e07adc29656db94993f9af38a71d34
2013-03-28Fix unresolvable errorSung-jae Park1-5/+0
Remove product feature dependency Change-Id: Ic0dbf6ab34eb12123c0fe69c8a4babfebd12851f
2013-03-27Use the 32 Bits pixmap & add missing client_unrefSung-jae Park4-4/+6
Change-Id: I465a682ccced81e96f7eacb9ecba7a553d2e5d94
2013-03-25Update LicenseSung-jae Park63-1220/+1233
2012 -> 2013 Fix the bug of resized box event. After the provider get the resized event from the box, need to check the current size of a box. If is same with requested size, send it to the client that the request is already finished. Apply the livebox errno (status code) instead of system errno. Make easy to understand what happens in the API. Use the util_uri_to_path to unlink image files of liveboxes(image type) Change-Id: Ide9281da21700f4e1d9c0eb480daeff891258ccd
2013-03-21Merge branch 'master' into tizen_2.1Sung-jae Park1-4/+4
Change-Id: Ie71b4b59f989872da19b80d04972ffd92f99cabc
2013-03-21Fix the bug of click event handling codeSung-jae Park1-4/+4
Change-Id: Ia63630a1e18e69991f498c6a448ae0c69f429954
2013-03-21Merge branch 'master' into tizen_2.1Sung-jae Park18-155/+1179
Conflicts: CMakeLists.txt data/abi.ini data/baltic.conf.ini data/data-provider-master data/private.conf.ini include/conf.h include/instance.h include/script_handler.h packaging/data-provider-master.spec src/conf.c src/instance.c src/main.c src/script_handler.c src/server.c src/slave_life.c src/slave_rpc.c Change-Id: I10405acdc4a1f1f02372f141d328335275fe36dd
2013-03-21Fix the invalid arrow position handling code.Sung-jae Park2-3/+12
Issue is followed by reducing IPC patch patch. Change-Id: I33d1b3e6e8eb58c8e29e4df01998902148ad583d
2013-03-20Change the name of OSP appwidget service providerSung-jae Park1-1/+1
Replace livebox with appwidget Change-Id: I066bb49399f7ecad35c30ce6dd59b5707129b595
2013-03-19Bugs are fixed and new features are introducedSung-jae Park17-152/+1167
1. Focus based event sending. (mouse event & master) Optimize the input event routing code. Input event can be gathered by event device directly. To save the resource for mouse event handling. If the viewer select a box using content_event(SET), the provider will send all mouse event to the selected box without any concerning of viewer. Currently the viewer sends all mouse event via master to boxes. But this new concept will reduce the IPC overhead by sending them to the box directly. If the viewer unselect a box using content_event(UNSET), the provider will stop to send events to box. 2. Fixed bugs of code for handling the case of failed to launch a slave provider. If the slave provider didn't answers after launch it to the master, The master will handles it as faulted box. In that case, the master didn't care the resources of slave provider in core. So it could make the resource leak. This patch will fix it. Even if the slave didn't send hello message, so it would be faulted, the master will clear the resources correctly. 3. Initiate script bug is fixed (for the F/W developer) When the developer tries to start the master daemon twice, a new process will be launched. This is not to be happens, so this patch will fix it. When the developer tries to launch daemon again via data-provider-master script (init.d), It will check the running process first. If it find one, the scrip will be finished with error code, to prevent multiple daemon running. 4. Event device path is added to conf. We have the configuration file. Which includes many variable informations for making adaptable dameon. This patch will add new entry "input". It will be used to monitor the input device for case 1. Change-Id: Iaf07a3c7ff5aab077ac244d2f3d8ac39db2145b2
2013-03-16sync with masterJinkun Jang75-0/+29045
2013-03-13Replace the heynoti with vconf for power off.Sung-jae Park2-24/+21
Permit smack rule of dbus for Read/eXec on data-provider-master Change-Id: I8ac594ea64d0324ad96d0fe72e7efa6075439b24
2013-03-05Replace the NULL with SQLITE_TRANSIENT.Sung-jae Park3-54/+54
NULL is defined as SQLITE_STATIC. But I intend to use the SQLITE_TRANSIENT, so I set it correctly. Change-Id: I1d94a8ebdfbd9bb9e773f036b81cc64ac95fa5b5
2013-03-04Add pd_move event is addedSung-jae Park4-15/+77
pd create / lb create & pd,show / lb,show sequence is updated Change-Id: If0e1ec3c8f4434fad5698e0e7cb6557a22667b1f
2013-03-04Replace the package name to data-provider-masterSung-jae Park7-13/+10
remove prefix "org.tizen." Change-Id: Iece033f79fd5d7793a477ad4f7944f60ba16055f
2013-02-27Fix the prevent issueSung-jae Park3-9/+11
Change-Id: I0a59afd51ea50aa69660bd119b49348c9bd6d86a
2013-02-27Add change_period interface, update trigger_updateSung-jae Park8-102/+201
Change-Id: Ieface9222fbb20200c6196fbcf938ad4a44db335
2013-02-25Set the UID/GID from the post script.Sung-jae Park1-6/+18
While installing this package, build system doesn't guarantees the "app" So we have to use the digit instead of its string. Forcely set the UID/GID even if it doesn't exists in the passwd file. FOR TRATS build environment. Change-Id: Ica56257a6da52b2e1c1bfba62700ded593cfc6ab
2013-02-23Update resize event send functionSung-jae Park7-27/+71
Change-Id: Ic32ca986584c64e8db094cf7183e363f22971cb8
2013-02-21Replace the drm_slp with the tbmSung-jae Park3-12/+15
Change-Id: I61564dbc2f3efa5e7196c3d01df553bd3ea44848
2013-02-21Sync with the latest codeSung-jae Park12-42/+251
Change-Id: I3950d362f4eb8d0396c18c41db958f21a4e3f64e
2013-02-17Update the liveinfo(Supporting the pixmap capture)Sung-jae Park3-1/+118
Change-Id: Id2afb9060f278b529f1c94cc4188a96746ac935f